Virgin Mary in MRI

Pamela Latrimore, 42, has cancer, arthritis, and no insurance. So the Fort Pierce, Florida woman is hoping to make some cash auctioning off an MRI of her brain that contains an image of the Virgin Mary. From TCPalm:
 Tcp Content Img Photos 2008 12 05 Marymri T600 In 2002, Latrimore had an MRI of her brain done and the results were stashed in her thick pile of medical records. Her sister-in-law looked at the sheet recently and pointed out what appeared to be the image of the Virgin Mary.

Having seen where other supposed images of Mary or other religious icons were sold for thousands of dollars, Latrimore plans to post the MRI scan on eBay, the online auction site. She hopes to earn enough money to pay off some of the medical bills she and her contractor husband cannot afford.
"Virgin Mary in Fort Pierce woman's brain scan; next stop: eBay"


  1. Of course she’s got cancer; she’s got the frickin’ Mother of God in her brain. I had Enkidu in my spleen and I got lupus.

  2. And it’s the religious nutcases that allowed themselves to be duped by a political party that simultaneously crushed all attempts at universal health care while creating an environment that forced more and more workers to become uninsured contractors.

    So it comes full circle as one of their own foots the bill.

  3. interpretation of early x-ray imagery was a black art that a few excelled at. Are modern scans interpreted by and judged by human eye or software?

  4. I see the brain scan of an entrepreneur making money off of the same sort of people that buy Jesus-on-velvets.

    Seriously, I don’t see anything in the circle except some grey matter. My pareidolia needs to be recalculated.

  5. By the way, the link on this image goes to — I assume this was meant for the previous post..?

    Made me mighty confused when I thought I’d be able to click on the image to see it close up.

  6. It sounds like she doesn’t believe, herself. She just wants to make some bang off the pareidolia-infected with deep pockets who do believe. More pow’r to her.

  7. History is finally catching up with Georgia O’Keefe. Interesting to find out after all these years that Mary looks like a clitoris.

    I wonder how much that special brain would catch on eBay.

  8. From the comments in the article: Ms. Latrimore herself, apparently:

    The Weapons Of Mass Destruction Orange White And Blue By Mr Charles Kelly 2ndbattalion94thartillery.Vietnam Veteran 1966/1967. “Conspiracy against a complete segment of our society THE VETERAN”. A statement that could not be put any better. I would like to thank you for helping me to understand what it is that is going on with my body.The knowledge that I have learned about all my illnesses.And for your friendship and time,which you have always given freely.Even on your worst days,always time.

    I am posting my comment here in hopes it does not also get censored.I am Pamela Latrimore and I would like to respond to comments addressed towards me,my stability,my religion,my belief and WHY I FEEL THE WAY I DO.In my own words.

    And I would like to also thank the few that bothered to find out about Jacksonville Arkansas.It has been a battle beyond belief.And still “It is o.k. to poison a whole town.And just watch them die slow?”
    Do I believe in God? Yes I do,if it weren’t for God I do not know how I would make it.There is no way you could truly understand it.Unless you have to live it,and even then it is like THE TWILIGHT ZONE.

    My MRI scan I did not find the image.My stepdaughter found it and pointed it out to me.I had had it for some time and her boyfriend seen it.Said he thought it looked like the mother marry.And told me I should sell it on e-bay.That many things like that had been sold.And people have made a lot of money.
    And this is why at this time in my life when my medical is so poor.And I need a lot of stuff done that cost money if you have no insurance.And the medical bills are piling up beyond what you would imagine for someone my age.
    That is not what this is about.It is about awareness.Awareness of the most important kind.It is about a forgotten town.
    And I say forgotten because in 1999-2000 it was all over the media.Jacksonville Arkansas is where they made Agent Orange.Also known as the Rainbow herbicide.This had many toxic chemical’s in it.Including the most deadly known to man kind.The plant was called Vertac.And when they went bankrupt they willed the toxic sight to Jacksonville.And all the CEO’s vanished in thin air.Never to be found again.I know they didn’t look far.And you can’t quite fight fair.When you are fighting with the richest big boy’s in the world.

    Where babies are buried together that are not related.Because the parents feel so bad leaving them alone.
    I will add more tomorrow,as I am very tired.I am planning on posting on e-bay sometime tomorrow.After I write the whole story.
    If one person tells one person and so on about Jacksonville.That is a miracle brought about by what some feel looks like the Mother Mary in my MRI.

    And for those with all the negative comments.I hope you will at least have the time to to maybe share your thoughts too about Jacksonville.
    Sincerely Pamela

    And, as a point of order of sorts: if it’s tragic enough to sour comedy, then perhaps it shouldn’t be posted in the same category as

    Virgin Mary on living room wall!
    Virgin Mary sandwich!
    Virgin Mary in a tree!
    Virgin Mary toast!
    Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese!

    That does rather shift the focus from “human interest” to “sideshow attraction” don’t you think?

  9. It doesn’t look like the Virgin Mary. No one really knows what she looks like. It looks like an artist’s rendition of her.

    Obviously Raphael is trying to communicate from the grave.

  10. @om

    Raising the question: Who could she get more money from, a true-believer Catholic or a Star Wars fanboy?

    I think it’d be a toss up.

  11. When did this image get updated with a blurry version and a red circle? It was much better before.
    I would only purchase based off the prior version of the picture.

  12. 1. Brain imaging is normally read with the orbits (eyes) pointing upward; this image is upside down
    2. The structure apparently circled is the vermis of the cerebellum (this is the part the connects the two halves of the cerebellum together)

    continue for more geeky stuff

    3. Without the appropriate data around the images, I would have to say this appears to be an inversion recovery image.
    4. While no fetus is present (ha ha), there are a few questionable findings (which require the entire series of images for best interpretation):
    a. High signal in the meninges posteriorly and in other places like the lateral ventricles and aqueduct of Sylvius may indicate a meningeal infection or cancer
    b. Spotty high signal in the gray matter of the occipital lobes bilaterally can be anything from mini-strokes to cytomegalovirus infection to multiple sclerosis to metastasis of cancer to the brain to (baited breath) even neurological sarcoidois.

    At least it doesn’t look like Lupus, eh?

  13. I think we owe her something:

    My name is Pamela and I believe in GOD and that he does work in way’s that some people just can’t understand.I am one of the people that does not question his way’s of helping us out.Life is a battle and I think I am getting ready to deal with the battle of my life.
    I have already been torn to shreds by many that are ready to just attack over an image that to me and many others tell me resembles the Virgin Mary.The story was not correct in the information that came out.So first I would like to correct this.
    My step daughter is the one who found the image.And I would like to start off with she is a very smart, hard working girl,in college.She believes in God.NO MENTAL ISSUES,DELUSIONS,PARANORMAL PROBLEMS AND NO SHE IS NOT A BIBLE THUMPER.I say this because I have already been attacked by many.And I would like to say up front.Please direct your comments to me.
    Her boyfriend told me about e-bay and the toast.I searched and I thought that would be the only way to get awareness as you will understand why later.And I need any help right now times are really bad.And medical does not help.
    The image came before me and a time when I needed it the most.With the situation’s that I do not get the luxury to walk away from EVER!
    And their urine seems to just dump blood,protein,ketones,leukocytes,to name a few.There are more I am just useing mine as a good example.Where they are not allergic to a few things but multiple thing’s,some EVERYTHING!Where they do not just get one aoto amuine disease but multiple,WERE SO MANY KID”S DIE OF CANCER AT AGE 8 and younger,more people die of multiple cancers,BABIES ARE BEING BURIED TOGETHER that are not related,their blood is beyond screwed up, but the Ranch Hand Study for the VIETNAM VETERANS showed why and more.But normally your LOWS look kinda like this-NA,CHLORIDE,CO2,CBC,RBC,HGB,HCT,MCV,MCH,MCHC,BLOOD HIGH IS -RDW ALWAYS!GRAN,LDL,CHOLESTEROL,”Glucose goes up and down.These are just some examples.
    I am from this town I grew up there and I am VERY SICK.I have no insurance,was denied dissability because it says I AM GETTING MULTIPLE TREATMENTS FOR MULTIPLE THINGS WHEN I AM NOT!So I was denied as simple as that.Now it is not that I do not have the right to say this just because I am so sick.I am on the National EXPOSURE Registry, Dioxin Subregistry,Vertac Site in Jacksonville Arkansas.It sounds really important untill you figure out.They call you year after year to add on your illnesses or diseases .You ask where can you send the true results to them.And they are not allowed to take them.THEY HAVE NO WHERE TO FILE THEM!!!I know it is not their fault but someone above them has made this decision.As you get sicker and watch others around you get sicker or die.And they won’t
    train doctor’s to accept this when multiple things are going on all of the time.
    And then they are kind enough to send you a letter that read’s like this-What are the findings? ATSDR compared the data for people exposed to dioxin with data for people in the United States NOT exposed to dioxin.Some people registered in the Dioxin Subregistry,Vertac site ,reported HIGHER RATES OF DISEASE THAN THE US POPULATION!!!for* ANEMIA and OTHER BLOOD DISORDERS,*ARTHRITIS,RHEUMATISM or OTHER JOINT DISORDERS,ASTHMA,EMPHYSEMA,or *CHRONIC BRONCHITIS,*CANCER,DIABETES,HYPERTENTION,*KIDNEY DISEASE,*LIVER PROBLEMS,*RESPIRATORY ALLERGIES,or problems such as* HAY FEVER,*SKIN RASHES,ECZEMA,and OTHER* SKIN ALLERGIES,*STROKE,*ULCERS,*GALLBLADDER,*STOMACHE,or *OTHER INTESTINAL PROBLEMS,*URINARY TRACT DISORDERS,including* PROSTATE DISORDERS. a * means some of my conditions.
    I was diagnossed 1 year ago with 3 mycobacterium that are the same as on the lab rats in a 5 year study.Shooting them up with these chemicals for a year and following them for a year.AND I CAN NOT GET ANY MEDICAL TREATMENT WHY!I am 42 and the story is the same in Jacksonville.
    In 1999/2000 the media was there.We burned Agent Orange Dioxin,that’s a whole entire different story.But it got the attention of the NATION.THE PROBLEM IS NO ONE WENT BACK!!And it is 10,20,sometimes 50 years before things happen and people start to get sick.PLEASE GOOGLE JACKSONVILLE ARKANSAS VERTAC and HELP CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES TO GET THE HELP AND TRAINED DOCTORS THEY NEED.PROVIDE THEM MEDICAL at least Disability.ESPECIALLY SINCE THE DRUGS I NEED ARE TB DRUGS .I CAN”T WORK SINCE I AM SICK,AND I DON’T HAVE ANY WHERE NEAR THE MONEY FOR 1 TREATMENT.LONG LESS YEARS.
    2ND reason I am doing this For my good friend MR CHARLES KELLY whom is well known by many.Loved by thousands.And not so loved in congress,other than by the one’s who stll have morales.And know how seriouse his cause is .He was in the 2ndbattalion94thartillery 1966-1967.He is an expert in Agent Orange and Dioxin.And his story is like mine.He’s just fighting for all of the men who fought and exposed to these chemicals.His battle they tell him that their diseases and issues are not due to this.Its a miracle I found him year’s ago.And how ironic I have the letter that says differently.He has a book out now, so everyone knows I didn’t just get information out of thin air.
    Mr.Kelly thank you for your friendship,and helping me get thru countless of times thru the years.Even on your worst day’s you always shared and taught me the science of it all.I will never be able to share what that has been for me.Other than GOD HAD A SPECIAL PURPOSE FOR YOU!!And I hope this brings awareness for all VET’S fighting for their medical or disability pay.
    Some do not see the image some do.I’m not here to dispute that.I see it and I think it is a blessing and a miracle.The miracle to me is people are now aware of this town.So you can make your own choice to help,make sure it never happens again.Trust me that thinking might put you in my shoes.What I seen and thought was normal there.Well it’s many 2 headed snakes have you seen?,or swim in foamy toxic agent orange as a child.
    Mr Kelly use to store his potatoes in the same rusted containers that got distriduted at the 2 parks I grew up playing at.The rusted containers empty AGENT ORANGE BARRELS!I hope i’m helping with the true picture.Tubs backing up with this in the drains year after year.As I would help my dad,I thought it was a cool colour we had no clue.
    number 3 I am doing this because I am tring to save my life.
    One more thing, the article in the local paper was not accurate or correct.And very censored.I am going to post a comment on their sight.
    I had called the media for help before not long ago.About the children and people sick.No one called back ,they said they would and never did.Now weeks later,there is an image some agree,some don’t.And now you know why I fell this is a blessing.Because you know now what the media did not cover.
    One man said the reporter’s are gonna run with the image while dow sits in the corner and laughs.I hope I have made that a little harder.Mr Obama can you help us?
    Sincerely ONE SMALL VOICE.
    Just an updated note this morning I was contacted by CNN they wanted me to appear tomorrow morning on CNN American Morning show.They were going to provide a car and have me come to Orlando and tell me what studio I would need to go to.I spoke with Alexis and they were going to call back with the studio information.She wanted to know medical conditions.And I explained why I am doing this.And that I want to bring awareness back to Jacksonville.Just got a phone call back and now it seems they are going to follow it and they might get back to me.
    I cant help but wonder if the were told they could not cover this because of the issue Agent Orange and the facts.Is there anyone in the media that cares about this town!!!And is not afraid to help.
    And for all the people in Jacksonville that are writing me.I’m sorry that you are dealing with so much.Maybe one day we will have some luck.I will keep trying to do all I can to be your voice also.

  14. Looks like Angelina Jolie to me.

    Honestly, they all do. Anybody who says any different just does not understand the divine beauty of Angelina Jolie.

  15. I don’t think anybody has much of a right to blah blah blah what it may or not may be without bidding on the auction. I say that not so much to be a party pooper but rather for the fact we should be discussing the miserable situation she is in with her problems with health insurance. Which is more of a symptom of our miserable corporate loving government.

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