Top 10 Cryptozoology Stories of 2008


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  1. RationalPragmatist says:

    The revealing of the Bigfoot body as a hoax was itself a hoax! I heard that Elvis paid off Biscardi to swap the real, actual Bigfoot body with a Bigfoot costume. Elvis is shifty like that.

  2. jjasper says:

    Still no word on what the heck the Montauk thingummy was?

  3. catastrophegirl says:

    also, if you like the cryptids, please look at loren coleman’s page for info on how to help him save his life’s work, the cryptozoology museum. there’s a nice link right up there on this page too.

  4. Rider says:

    I love #9, how crazy do you have to be to get banned from a bigfoot conference.

  5. Lauren O says:

    I know this is really small, but I am so glad they used the correct word “chupacabras.” It’s singular even though it has an S on the end due to the construction of compound words in Spanish, and it really bothers me when people mangle the word by calling a single chupacabras a “chupacabra.” Muy profesional, Mr. Coleman.

  6. rektruax says:

    A.) How is it 3 established species (though not seen in a while) fall under the “cryptozoology” category?

    B.) #3, “the consensus appeared to settle on the Montauk Monster being nothing more than a bloated decaying raccoon.”

  7. slummy says:

    i saw the chupacabras in miami.. back in maybe 2003? for about a month i’d heard local rumor about it being in my area just south of lil havana. one evening before sunset i was out in my backyard relaxing when i saw something creeping along my back fence behind low ferns. it wasnt a cat, dog, or possum. you just know how these animals move. i stood up quietly and it stopped. that in itself was suspect. i started walking towards it and that thing shot off like ive never seen an animal do before. it came to the side fence and cleared it, jumping over 4′. thats when i saw that the chupacabras wasnt a chupacabras at all but a red fox. and of course this completely explains the dead chickens in the area. a red or red-tailed fox. that is all.

  8. Shelby Davis says:

    It’s a big world out there.

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