T-shirt: "Mass Quantities of Code"


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  1. nickmonkey says:

    I don’t get it. Does anybody get this?

  2. Antinous / Moderator says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    NickMonkey, it is simulating lines of another substance, cocaine, but instead of “powder” it is zeros and ones. The pun is that both cocaine and programming is done in “lines” and if you were addicted to something you might say you do a lot, or a “mass quantity.” A bit highbrow, possibly.

  4. zuzu says:

    Oh, back during the dot-com bubble when morning coffee substituted meth for sugar to start the next day in a marathon of sleepless coding and 100-hour work weeks.

    Good times“.

  5. zuzu says:

    NickMonkey, maybe you’re just accustomed to doing bumps of code rather than whole lines? :p

  6. samuraizenu says:

    Anyone ever done an eight ball of code in one night?

  7. drbuzzkill says:

    Yes, or perhaps NickMonkey is just a tad sheltered. Nothing wrong with that. I often wish I could regain that lost sense of — SNOOOOORT — innocence.

  8. Takuan says:

    is there any video of Beldar programming?

  9. GregLondon says:

    That is awesome.

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