T-shirt: "Mass Quantities of Code"

I got a kick out of this t-shirt design from Headline Shirts. From the product description:
 Media Catalog Product Cache 3 Image 5E06319Eda06F020E43594A9C230972D M A Massquan Blk Il 258 Long known as a home of innovation, Silicon Valley is now known for something else: spreading the use of mass quantities of code. Code, also known as "zeros 'n ones" or "lines," is fast becoming a full-blown epidemic, even small towns.
Mass Quantities of Code t-shirt


  1. NickMonkey, it is simulating lines of another substance, cocaine, but instead of “powder” it is zeros and ones. The pun is that both cocaine and programming is done in “lines” and if you were addicted to something you might say you do a lot, or a “mass quantity.” A bit highbrow, possibly.

  2. Yes, or perhaps NickMonkey is just a tad sheltered. Nothing wrong with that. I often wish I could regain that lost sense of — SNOOOOORT — innocence.

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