Hollywood film about amnesiac H.M. may happen

A Hollywood film may be made about H.M., the famous amnesiac who was unable to form new long-term memories. H.M. was revealed to be Henry Molaison after he died in December. Columbia Pictures and producer Scott Rudin (Revolutionary Road, The Darjeeling Limited) bought the rights to make the biopic. From Variety:
Studio has completed a deal for screen rights to a memoir that just sold to Scribner and which will be written by Dr. Suzanne Corkin, the doctor who worked with Molaison for 45 years.

The plan is to develop a film about H.M. as seen through the eyes of Corkin, a professor of behavioral neuroscience in the Dept. of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT. Columbia and Rudin also acquired rights to Philip Hilts' "Memory's Ghost: The Nature of Memory and the Strange Tale of Mr. M," a 1996 book written about H.M.
"Columbia, Rudin acquire brain rights"