Undying love in ≤150 characters: the contest results

Following an extended wrangle, our distinguished panel of judges has settled on a winner for the Undying love in ≤150 characters competition: Misery4Brett, comment #39. Misery's entry, which Shapeways will be transforming into a 3-D candleholder, is:

It is dark
and when we kiss
my fingers find you
like candlelight

We're still waiting for Kevin Jackson-Mead's opinions on the three best entries of a romantically scientific or mathematical nature, whose authors will be receiving copies of Strange Attractors: Poems of Love and Mathematics.

If you haven't read the contest thread, you should. It's full of ingenious romantic geekery -- and, as our judges demonstrated, there's something there for everyone.


  1. Congratulations, Misery4Brett!

    Now, about that contact information…

  2. Yes, yes. Congratulations!

    What a fine contest! We should do this more often, Teresa!

    I was excited all weekend, it was great!

    Wonderful job.

  3. Congratulations to all. After reading a few submissions, the geekery turned me off. I remember the winner because it had an honest-to-gods metaphor (simile), which surprised me. Usually geeks and poetics don’t mix. Verse, yes, since most verse is clever and gimmicky; but poetry, not so much, too many big words and abstractions. Poetry is things. Wonderful things.

    ”…my fingers find you like candlelight” is very nice.

  4. I can see that. I may not fully agree, but thumbs up all around.

    No honorable mentions on this contest?

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