VIDEO: Foxes on a trampoline

These foxes are having a grand old time on a trampoline. (Thanks, Gabe Adiv!)


  1. Oh man…I used to do IT for the company that makes this trampoline (the ‘Bazoongi’ brand star in the middle…oh the time I spent making it a transparent gif to play nice with web backgrounds).

    I can’t even enjoy a foxes on a trampoline without thinking of my old job. Awesome.

  2. Oh man…I used to do IT for the company that makes this trampoline (the ‘Bazoongi’ brand star in the middle…oh the time I spent making it a transparent gif to play nice with web backgrounds).

    I can’t even enjoy a foxes on a trampoline without thinking of my old job. Awesome.

  3. Fox A, while clearly fascinated, doesn’t actually bounce much.

    Fox B seems impatient to get back to play fighting.

  4. From another site:
    ( – which also has another fox-trampiline vid,

    Hello! I’d just like to let you know that you are posting MY video without asking me, the original owner!

    I OWN this video, and I would really like some credit for it.

    Please don’t make it get anymore annoying than this!

    Here is my original posted video, of the foxes jumping in MY backyard. Please credit, and link me.

    Samron (Jessica)

    (Endquote, because boingboing’s CSS doesn’t seem to show the endquote right)

  5. I think Boing Boing TV should start a “Charismatic Megafauna on a Trampoline” short film series.

    Coyotes on a trampoline would rock.

    Pumas on a trampoline would be terrifying. (“Oh, shit, he’s cleared the fence!”)

  6. What’s the term for when you watch something the day before it hits BB? PreBoinging? Boingjà vu?

  7. @9 In defense of Fox A, I think anyone who’s been on a trampoline alone, and also with other people knows that its harder to bounce when there are two or more people. I’d like to believe that Fox A discovered the trampoline alone earlier, and then tried to share it with his friend.

    Fox A: Dude, I’ve discovered this amazing thing and I can leap higher than ever before!

    Fox B: So? Let’s wrestle.

    Fox A: Seriously. I’ve got to show this to you.

    Fox B: Okay, I’ll look at your stupid bouncy thing. Then can we wrestle?

    Fox A: Sure. Here it is. [Jumps on.]

    Fox B: Wow. You could wrestle up here.

    Fox A: Knock it off. Watch this. [attempts to bounce a few times.]

    Fox B: Whatever. Let’s wrestle.

  8. Note that if the “foxes on a trampoline” meme goes too far it will inevitably lead to some kind of regrettable furry thing.

  9. the foxes are cute, and samron is really really possessive. the one youtube comment is right: MINEMINEMINE!

    how does she expect anyone to see it if people can’t link to it? serendipity?

  10. On YouTube she says: ” This is MY video, it is taken by ME, do not use or take this video, don’t post it anywhere else, or link it to anything without giving me credit, and linking it BACK here to it’s original posting. Thank you.
    Copyright © Samron.”

    Like I posted on YouTube – I believe once you post something there, its everyones.

  11. IIRC, the regular terms of service for youtube lets anyone on youtube use elements of another users video in their own video… I don’t know if she can really control it’s use if it’s on youtube. (Well, practically, she can’t control it at all, obviously, but on top of that, she’s likely clicked through some type of agreement that does not cover her ass the way she thinks it does.)

  12. @#10 posted by DewiMorgan , February 12, 2009 4:11 PM

    LOL, she obviously hasn’t actually READ YouTube’s ULA

  13. Wow. Having visited the original vid on YouTube and reading the comments from an angry Samron (a 19-year-old who is apparently “uber pissed”), I’d have to say that she is officially the bitch of the internet, at least for this week.
    It’s an adorable video, but you didn’t exactly do anything extraordinary. It’s not some great masterpiece, and that (c) means nothing.
    I love the video, though.

  14. When do we get ukulele players on a trampoline? Actually I suppose it would have to be Hodgeman on drugs with kittens playing the uke.

  15. Also, there are at least three different videos of foxes spazzing out on backyard trampolines.

  16. #17: You can bounce just fine with two (or more) people on a trampoline provided you synch what you’re doing.

    Why yes, I did spend much of my childhood summers on a trampoline with friends; why do you ask? ;-)

  17. Aww. So cute. I wish it were longer, too. I was hoping the other little guy would figure it out and start jumping up and down along with his buddy.

  18. That does look like the snowdrift pounce …
    Wild foxes can be as playful as puppies, twice I’ve seen young ones trying to tease deer into games. Not surprising that they dig toys.

  19. Our cat does this exact same pounce. I had no idea it was a snowdrift attack in other species. Usually she tries the same thing on us when we’re on our way into another room.

    Also, I see no netting, but posts that imply netting around the trampoline. Did someone *put* them on a trampoline, or did they jump up there on their own? Did the little guys ever get down?

    …And I’m turning this into the Zapruder of fox-on-trampoline vids. I need to cool out.

  20. I had to watch it like four times – just for the spot right at the beginning when Fox A realizes he’s standing on a bouncy thing.
    Now though, I’m Sick And G****mn Tired Of All These Motherf****** Foxes On The Motherf****** Trampolines
    (not really. I have to go watch it again)

  21. Ok, now I need the opposite of a unicorn chaser (I don’t know, maybe a Greater Warted Cheney) to rebalance me to reality… or maybe I’ll just stay here, with Doctor Doolittle…

  22. the foxes in my garden play football at night (actually nose-ball)
    They collect all of the balls from nearby gardens and bring them into ours and flick them to each other off their noses. Every morning there are at least 4 new balls in our garden, all deflated (from sharp teeth).
    It took me a month or two to figure out how all these balls were gathering there (I guessed at clumsy children), until one night I saw the foxes at play.

  23. I will deliberately link to the BB version and not Ms Pissy’s YouTube version. What an idiot – post something on YT and then get mad when it gets popular.

  24. The kitsune play tricks on the geese in my neighbor’s yard. The she-fox will hide downwind and the he-fox will drive the flock right up to her – suddenly she will leap up in the air! The geese go berserk, trying to take off and crashing into each other. Sometimes the foxes laugh so hard they fall down and roll on the ground.

  25. Foxes love trampolines.

    Foxes are cool. Humans should leave them alone. And also sacrifice a chicken or two to them once in a while. Or some dog food.

    For more cool fox action watch the movie Grizzly Man. ‘Course with the cool fox action you get some very frickin’ weird human action. But hey…

  26. Apparently foxes jump high so when they land they can tell if there’s a tunnel down there, and in the tunnel some tasty mice or other treat. Guess that ‘ground’ is pretty hollow.

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