American Former Gay Pr0n Star Is Big In Japan

Danny Choo is a guestblogger on Boing Boing. Danny resides in Tokyo, and blogs about life in Japan and Japanese subculture - he also works part time for the empire.
Billy Herrington (born July 14, 1969, Long Island, New York) is a bisexual American actor best known for his work in gay pornography. Herrington began his erotic career when a friend surreptitiously submitted his nude pictures to Playgirl magazine. The photographs won him a "Real Men of the Month" contest and a $500 prize. His appearance in the magazine caught the eye of famed photographer Jim French but it would be two years before Herrington would shoot his first Colt calendars for French. Soon after that he would be shooting hardcore gay pornography for All Worlds Video. Herrington became one of the more well-known gay porn stars of the late 1990s, even appearing on mainstream talk-show "Ricki Lake."
And why is Billy so immensely popular with the Japanese folks and why has he been made into a Japanese action figure too?
Herrington has also become an internet meme among the Japanese community after a clip from one of his videos 'Workout' was posted on Nico Nico Douga, a Japanese video sharing website. Over 3000 parody videos of him have been made, many of which utilizes deliberate mishearings of his lines in the porn flick. He is affectionately called "Big Brother" among the Nico Nico Douga community, and most of his videos are deliberately tagged with "Forest Fairy", "Philosophy" or both.
Photo taken last night where I provided the translations for Billy's first ever live internet broadcast in Japan - see more photos and videos from behind-the-scenes. An example of one of those parody videos below - you cant really see any dolphin waxing so it should be safe for work. Blockquotes from Wikipedia.


  1. Why the detached floating baby heads? Is that a kid milking a cow at 1:14? So many questions, but summarily – WTF?

  2. Sort of like watching scrambled porn while listening to Alvin and the Chipmunks. People find all kinds of things entertaining, I guess.

  3. I thought I’d be in for a treat when I saw Cirno (or anything else Touhou-related) on Boing Boing… but not this way. =\

  4. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess, based on Nicovideo’s videogame-friendly fanbase, that one of the things referenced by use of the ‘Aniki’ nickname is ‘Cho Aniki’, a scrolling shooter game with lots of camp visuals that’s been a popular joke in gamer circles for a while.

    The series mascots, Samson and Adon, are big beefcake dudes in thongs who shoot white beams out of their foreheads.

  5. I’m not sure that even the Japanese understand the Japanese at this point.

    That said, the video captures the complex eroticism of gay porn quite nicely. Kudos!

  6. if his lif3e story were made into a movie, instead of ” American Samurai” it would be called “American Salami”. or maybe “American Plumber: Laying Pipe”.

  7. Hmm. Well, that video definitely wouldn’t be safe for work where I work. It’s got naked people in it, albeit seen only from the back.

  8. I’ve never before been so glad to be unaware of an obscure euphemism. “Dolphin Waxing”? The mind boggles.

  9. Um, yeah.. covering the dangly bits of two naked buff dudes having buttsecks does not make it work safe in corporate America.

  10. “Waxing the dolphin” is slang for a very common, mostly inoffensive, practice. To surmise: it only needs one person, and has never hurt a dolphin.

  11. Truly mindblowing. Japanese television can be so beautifully intense.
    Brute force visuals. Reminds me of this; the intense pace…

  12. Forgive my ignorance, but is there any type of reason why some people spell porn as ‘pron’ on the internet? Is it a purposeful misspelling resultant of overly-accidental misspellings like ‘teh’ for the word ‘the’? Just curious…

  13. Weird…I would love to sit down with the creators and get inside their heads and RichSPK, being gay doesn’t help

  14. Please, I can’t be the only one who finds the juxtaposition of baby faces and wrestle/buttsex vidz icky? And, is it okay to say that the more I see and learn of Japan and the Japanese, the less I like them?

    @Manooshi, don’t know for sure but I always assumed pron and pr0n were spellings adopted to prevent the post being stopped by automod rude word detection software.

  15. @#23 posted by Manooshi
    Forgive my ignorance, but is there any type of reason why some people spell porn as ‘pron’ on the internet?


  16. @ PaulBowen, Danny Choo, and SC Wolf:

    Thank you all so much for the clarification and links. It makes complete sense now. I’m glad to not be in the dark anymore about this purposeful misspelling.

    And thank you Danny for providing some [offbeat] glimpses at modern Japanese culture. It has been educational, to say the least.

  17. And here I was thinking that Ronald McDonald Insanity was the most absurdly insanely Japanese thing on YouTube.

  18. There is something truly artistic gained in the jarring combination of hyper-real electronic synth music, slapstick comedy, mock homo eroticism, genuine homo eroticism.

  19. Oh God, they remixed it with a Touhou Project video. Word of note – there are no fans more incomprehensible or peculiar in this world than Touhou fans.

  20. Oh dear God… Billy was part of the first bit of gay porn I ever got my hands on as a teenager, this brought back some really weird memories – and the Touhou Proj video made me feel funny in the pants…. which just made me feel funny.

  21. Video no longer available, but here is another link to a clip with Big Jim Slade and the Heiveinu Shalom Aleichem theme song:

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