Tokyo - Houses With Personality


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  1. God45 says:

    I like looking at these photos because they give me ideas for my own (future) small house.

  2. userw014 says:

    It doesn’t look run down so much as slapped together.

    You can see stuff like this in any city that has a history of more than a few generations (which cuts out a lot of US suburbia and the West.)

  3. Talia says:

    Thanks for this. Its intriguing to me how world cultures vary in even these less flashy ways.. these run down areas are fairly different from my suburban U.S. rundown areas, for example.

    It’s an aspect of culture that’s not often highlighted, for the obvious reason that its not exactly something to boast about, but its no less interesting for all that.

    I’m so curious about life in all its aspects, everywhere, and this is a slice of that, in a most foreign culture.

  4. Talia says:

    and, uh, I hope that didnt sound snobby or something. I just like to see how people live, and the differences from place to place. that’s all I meant.

  5. eustace says:

    My GOD Talia, how snobbish! Unless, of course, you just like to see how people live, differently from place to place :)

  6. presto says:

    I love your pictures, Mr. Choo. I went through what I could find of your flickr collection and your website. They make me wish I could go to Tokyo, even more so than I did before.

    I even have a Tokyo desktop wallpaper.
    Screenshot of my openSuSE.

  7. Danny Choo says:

    @Presto – thank you and nice one!

  8. burden says:


    this is not really run down Tokyo – this is normal Tokyo…you’d see these buildings all over

  9. Anonymous says:

    I went to Japan last year (going again soon), and I came across dozens of buildings with personality. The train ride from Narita into Tokyo is full of interesting old buildings in various states of entropy and repair. Here is one building I saw in Noda So many buildings there are breathtaking in their decay

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