Mardi Gras, about 70 years ago, New Orleans LA.


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  1. FoetusNail says:

    Looking at happy images of any date in 1941, before Dec. 7th, always leaves me wondering, how many of those men will soon be dead or carrying their brother home.

  2. Boeotian says:

    Wow, they could use more fun back then. In my head, they sure had a lot more jazz in Mardi Gras from 41. But maybe there was, in another part of town. Anyway, I’ll stick to my delusional misconception, as it seems so much better.

    So, Mardi Gras is tomorrow? Here in Brazil we’re having Carnaval too!

  3. obdan says:

    What, not even one titty showing?

  4. Takuan says:

    breasts hadn’t been invented yet then.

  5. gtron says:

    two comments above hint at the reality of the day (‘black and white’ and ‘must be in another part of town where the fun is’)… I looked closely, and these folks all seem white and well dressed, so most probably the fun starts farther down the parade, where the people with rhythm are (except for that kid in white leading the band – he’s king of his own reality)

  6. EH says:

    Boeotian: Carnaval and Mardi Gras celebrate the same event.

  7. ihakes says:

    Pffftt. Fake — everyone knows the world was just black and white back then.

  8. noahpoah says:

    where the people with rhythm are

    You mean where the elegant people are?

  9. The Unusual Suspect says:

    Gtron: It’s called the Second Line. It’s where the “Indians” are, and they often sing something like:

    “Takin’ ’bout hey now, hey now

    Iko iko an de’

    Jackomo fe no anan e’ , Jackomo fe nan e’ ”

    (Lyrics from “Iko! Iko!” by The Dixie Cups)

  10. buddy66 says:


    I send you greetings. N.O. and Rio don’t compare. You’re all WIN. Go get you some Samba, man!

  11. Grisly says:

    Makes me wish I was boobie fishing in the quarter today.

  12. Boeotian says:


    Oh I’m getting it, as much as I can, trust me! Plenty of sun, samba, beer, women and fun around here since Saturday, which is the official 1st day of Carnaval here (but actually, it starts way before that!). Man, sometimes I love to live in Rio.

    I’ll have one for you, Cheers!

  13. stuhfoo says:

    Rio sounds great… I’m stuck in the middle of a corn field of a state at uni :*(

  14. Anonymous says:

    There are no titties or drunken debauchery because it’s a children’s parade! Louisiana does have standards… low as they may be, we still have them.

  15. w000t says:

    Something’s wrong with the sound – I pumped the volume all the way, but still didn’t hear “Yakety Sax.”

  16. Todd Charske says:

    Opinions are worse get 3 people in a room and there will be 4 opinions. Here’s mine – They had some sense of morals back then. Very little if any today.

    Todd Charske

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