March is math holiday month, today is square root day!

In addition to Pi day (3/14), we're also in the middle of Square Root Day!
Square root day is held on the date that both the day and the month are both a square root of the last two digits of the year; so this year it’s March 3rd, 2009 (3/3/09). Celebrating is easy. When eating your all important three square meals don't forget your root vegetables like potatoes, turnips, beets, carrots, or parsnips; but remember to cut them quadrilaterally. Date squares, or any other square really, will also make an excellent dessert. After your meal have a try at square dancing, or if that’s not your cup of tea head to your local elementary school yard for a round of square ball. Although in truth the most perfect square root day activity is, of course, the magic square. Remember to get you fill though since the next time you can celebrate is April 4th 2016.
March is math month with pi day and square root day (Thanks, Scott!)

(Image: IMG_3973, a Creative Commons Attribution photo from Youngthousands' Flickr stream)


  1. um. so in 2010, we celebrate square root day in the month sqrt(2) * sqrt(5) and the day sqrt(2) * sqrt(5)?

    or do we only celebrate square root day in years whose last two digits are the squares of integers (like ’01, ’04, ’09, ’16, ’25, ’36, ’49, ’64 and ’81)?

    and what is month 0 if we’re going to celebrate it in ’00?

  2. Infinity, your angle is right — you’ve cornered Cory, and proven that this post is strictly Squaresville. Four points to you, sir!

  3. “Remember to get you fill though since the next time you can celebrate is April 4th 2016.”

    Reading comprehension is fun.

  4. For three years, on the fourteenth, I spent my neurotic math teacher’s class deriving Pi, doing various excessively complicated formulas with Pi, etc etc.

    Thank FSM I don’t have him this year. Yay square root photo!

  5. Did you know that this week is ‘National Pie Week’ in the UK?

    It’s a silly PR invention, but I wonder if they heard of Pi day thought ‘I’ll have a whole week of pie’!

  6. Pi day bugs me. Pi moment should be on March 4th at 9:20:41.76337 am.

    (.14 of March is not March 14th)

  7. also: TODAY is the beginning of World Math Day, where students around the world compete with one another.

    link to world math day homepage

    thanks for pointing out these important holidays! my students (i’m a math teacher) always participate in some activity for these days, and it brings out their inner nerd. they’re writing math songs right now, and researching female mathematicians for women’s history month (which is also march!).

    and don’t forget the lesser pi day, pi approximation day, every year on 07/22. start planning your events now!

  8. Square root day is fortunately valid for both sides of the Atlantic i.e m/d = d/m. But do the British and the Commonwealth celebrate Pi Day on the 31st of April?

  9. #13 I can confirm that Pi Moment in the Commonwealth is at approximately .735 seconds before 2 a.m. on the 31st of April.

    SLOOT: sorry if I’m being thick – I don’t understand how you get 3.14159265 out of that. Could you be bothered to explain?

  10. #16: Are you trying to correct us? Yes, British usage differs from North American usage. “Maths” isn’t more correct, it’s just more British.

  11. Do Brits only play one “sport?” Where did you subjects of the Queen find an “f” in the word “lieutenant?” And what’s up with BBC newsreaders saying “negociate?” Don’t try to make sense of the language; it is what it is. Neither one of us pronounces the k nor the e in the word knife. But mathematics shortens to “math” in North America and to “maths” in Britain. Neither one is more correct than the other.

    I thought we had settled the issue of you redcoats having any dominion over us in 1783. (I know you didn’t get the message and we had to make you realize it for good 20 years later.)

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