Steven Johnson on Colbert

BB pal Steven "Invention of Air" Johnson sez, "thought you might want to link to the pretty funny interview I did on Colbert last night, including an excellent little exchange about an imaginary Founder Father named Robert Cornhole who should really have a Wikipedia page."

March 5, 2009: Steven Johnson


  1. A great interview indeed. Tragically the history of Robert Cornhole was too controversial for Wikipedia.

  2. Pah. He should have dumped the Colbert interview, fired his publicist, released the book in softcover, and gotten a Times Square billboard.


    Anyhow, it was an awesome interview. Johnson was quite eloquent and funny. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I commend Johnson being so cool to say all he wanted to say while never having an awkward moment and rolling with Colbert’s jokes. I felt Colbert’s thankyou handshake meant more than just thanks for coming.

  4. Sadly, no wiki entry on founding father Robert Cornhole, but, on the positive, there is an entry for the Great Cornholio.

  5. now I really do need to set a proxy as this is unavailable outside the US. You keep doing this BB.


    Err, I from Belgium and I could see the video just fine.

    This was a great interview Steven got his points across and was really funny and rolling with Colbert’s jokes along the way.

    Yeah, the handshake/thank you was definitly not just ‘thanks for coming’, but also thanks for being so great.

  7. Be careful googling Robert Cornhole. One of the entries on the first screen was a rogue site with various popups. My virus checker went nuts. I had to reboot; no harm, I hope.

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