Steven Johnson on Colbert


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  1. Maddy says:

    “we just gummed our way through gruel” — Colbert is sooooo fast …

  2. Shelby Davis says:

    Aww, that’s it, I’m going to go buy the book now. Can’t resist any longer.

  3. Robinpen says:

    I commend Johnson being so cool to say all he wanted to say while never having an awkward moment and rolling with Colbert’s jokes. I felt Colbert’s thankyou handshake meant more than just thanks for coming.

  4. senorglory says:

    Sadly, no wiki entry on founding father Robert Cornhole, but, on the positive, there is an entry for the Great Cornholio.

  5. mstoddard says:

    A great interview indeed. Tragically the history of Robert Cornhole was too controversial for Wikipedia.

  6. tricotomy says:

    now I really do need to set a proxy as this is unavailable outside the US. You keep doing this BB.

  7. Cyberwasteland says:


    Err, I from Belgium and I could see the video just fine.

    This was a great interview Steven got his points across and was really funny and rolling with Colbert’s jokes along the way.

    Yeah, the handshake/thank you was definitly not just ‘thanks for coming’, but also thanks for being so great.

  8. jjasper says:

    Pah. He should have dumped the Colbert interview, fired his publicist, released the book in softcover, and gotten a Times Square billboard.


    Anyhow, it was an awesome interview. Johnson was quite eloquent and funny. Thanks for sharing.

  9. bobk says:

    Be careful googling Robert Cornhole. One of the entries on the first screen was a rogue site with various popups. My virus checker went nuts. I had to reboot; no harm, I hope.

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