Xeni on the road in West Africa: Beninese Artist Romuald Hazoumé


10 Responses to “Xeni on the road in West Africa: Beninese Artist Romuald Hazoumé”

  1. Anonymous says:

    “Perpètuitè” should instead be “Perpétuité”.

  2. bbonyx says:

    Millennium, anyone?

  3. hohum says:

    The stuff at the top doesn’t do much for me, but I am loving that ouroboros!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I hate outdoor art with “do not touch” signs.

    If your art is going to sit outside at ground level it needs to be able to endure some inquisitive fingers. If it can’t put it in a museum or on a pedestal.

    At the Seattle Sculpture park there is a sculpture of half a dozen probably ten foot high inch thick steel plates stuck in the ground, looking a bit like sails or whale fins. It screams to be touched, like several other works in the park. Every little kid who walks by wants to run their hand along the thing. Everyone wants to knock on it and feel the mass of all that steel.

    I say go for it kids. Knock away adults. Suck it up artist.

  5. djangofan says:

    This charactature so reminds me of the “Worm at the worlds end” in The Chronicles Of Thomas Covenant” books.

  6. Brett Burton says:

    I believe the term “Jerry cans” comes from the fact that they were invented by the Germans for use in WWII. “Jerry” is a slightly derogatory slang for a German.

  7. lfost says:

    this reminds me of some of Willie Cole’s art. See wind mask.

  8. mdh says:

    anonymous @ 5

    If it can’t put it in a museum or on a pedestal.

    What’s that under the art? Oh, a pedestal, with words on it.

  9. trjames says:

    They’re called jerrycans in Sudan as well. The are the containers used to ship cooking oil (in Sudan I think it’s almost always peanut oil – don’t know about Benin) restaurants here in the states get their fryer oil in the very same thing.

    After they’re emptied they’re sold in the souk as a general purpose container. I bought twenty at around fifty cents each in the souk at Kariema a couple of years ago.

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