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BB pal Ian Holmes points us to a fantastically intense electronica mix by Chavy Boys of London. Ian writes:
As a hardcore/punk fan, you might like the following XLR8R podcast...

It's garage/house, but with the choppy, anarchic sampler energy of early rave, and some of the aggression of punk bands like The Exploited.

"Everybody in the club, if you hate someone right now, you need to turn to them and punch them in the fucking face!"
Chavy Boys of London podcast


  1. Thank you for the links Zuzu. Great stuff. (Possibly too dark for Derek though.) Good to know the names of some of these banlieux de choonage dangereuse. btw, I am lastyam on last.fm, in case you do that.

  2. Nice to see “chav” being reclaimed from the sneering middle classes.

    Looking forward to hearing this.

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