Star Wars/Dalí tattoo

Bmedaliwalklkl Paul at Old School Tattoo in Bellingham, Washington inked this tattoo, adding a bit of Salvador Dalí's "Elephants" to a Star Wars AT-AT Walker. has the wearer's story.
Star Wars/Dalí tattoo (Thanks, COOP!)


  1. Yay for Bellinghamsters’ as they call themselves.

    If you ever pass through and are of the beer drinking persuasion Boundary Bay makes a wicked scotch ale and Orchard street brewery’s stock ale is awesome.

    B’ham is on the puget sound, close to the canadian border, close to skiing at Mt. Baker and with the exception of the job market it is a great place to live.

    If anybody likes goth stuff is run by a hamster

    For lowbrowness “The Beaver” is a great bar as is the ranch room.

    /end hometown soapbox/

  2. “Pointless self mutilation?”

    What’s the point of your post, again? What’s the point of getting out of bed? Getting dressed? Going to work? Masturbating?

  3. Person “Hey! I just had an awful idea of some kind!”
    Friend “Why don’t you mark the occasion by putting that idea on your body in a permanent manner?”
    Person “Genius! That’s even worse than my idea!”
    Friend “Hurrah!”

  4. The art geeks

    Tattoos are strictly for art geeks?

    and sci-fi nerds

    Because, y’know, who’s ever heard of Yoda, lightsabers, and The Force besides “sci-fi nerds”?

    have begun interbreeding…

    Perhaps take notes?

    @Thebandplayedon, Modusoperandi…. Quick! Your lawn! People are on it!

  5. That’s a pretty brilliant tattoo. Definitely not generic.

    Strophe @12: I think they said “art geeks” not because of the tattoo, but because he knows more about Dali than that he had a crazy mustache and painted melted clocks. And a sci-fi nerd, because I imagine that’s one of the pre-requisites to having a Star Wars tattoo.

  6. Strophe “@Thebandplayedon, Modusoperandi…. Quick! Your lawn! People are on it!”

  7. WANT!!!!! This is definitely a tattoo I would love to plagiarize, had I the funds and a way to fit it into my current tattoo color scheme.

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