Janet Klein plays "Tonight You Belong To Me" on ukulele


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  1. Takuan says:

    five harps and two kotos?

  2. Takuan says:

    just a few samisen parts and some books of music. A few plectrums and memories.

  3. Drhaggis says:

    A community that has tired of seeing women play the ukulele has tired of life itself.

  4. TroofSeeker says:

    >”…Bloodthirsty Tharks prefer to decimate enemies with accordion and banjo combination.”

    That is exactly how St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland. The weird thing is, snakes don’t even have ears!

  5. TroofSeeker says:

    “Do you need to be a pretty girl to be allowed to learn/play the ukulele?”

    Rat Dog, et al,
    You kids are fortunate to be too young to remember Tiny Tim, tip-toeing thru the tulips, on Carson. His playing wasn’t so bad, but his falsetto singing hit notes that altered brain waves, sending a generation of youth to steal mother’s jewelry to buy heroin, choir boys into street gangs, pets turned on their masters, acid rain fell, the Beatles broke up, and Nixon got elected.
    The ukelele can be deadly in the wrong hands.

  6. melodist says:

    I also love the hot uke-playing girls. But as a straight guy whose taste in females skews artsy, it’s not surprising. I enjoy almost all of these videos, and it’s a good foil for the endlessly dreary news of the world I find elsewhere.

    This one, however, irked me because some of the chords she gave were straight-up wrong. Perhaps a scale-back of the AfterEffects is needed pending a review of the teaching materials.

  7. TharkLord says:

    Dear BB,

    May I please have a Magic Boing-Boing Jukebox Ukulele DashBoard Widget? That way I can watch and listen to adorable ukulele players any time I want.

    I promise to be extra good.


  8. TroofSeeker says:

    Go listen to that last uke gal again and you’ll see what I meant about hers being a fine instrument, and she a very good uke player, as opposed to this (delightful) gal who is an absolutely typical ukeloonie.
    Like Takkie, I gots geetars and harps rattling around here, but what I’d really like is a musical saw. Where the hell does one get a musical saw? And a bow of mule hair?

  9. UltraBob says:

    I say keep it up with the uke tunes, I know where the play button is and have the willpower to avoid it at will. I won’t be avoiding it for the uke posts, but I have the skill nonetheless.

    I’m curious what turn of events led to the url for this post being jacket-klein-plays-t

  10. Gainclone says:

    Dear BoingBoing: Please ignore the dissent, and continue to post ukulele videos. It’s a nice consistency. Something to ground yourself in. The world is falling apart, and things tend to be bleaker each day. But it’s comforting to think that, no matter how bad things get… no matter the fear and pain and death, there will always be a ukulele playing, somewhere.

    And when the last star in the universe burns out… When the final piece of floating grit runs out of momentum and stands still, amidst the diffuse pockets of inactive stellar gas, a ukulele plucks a final chord, heralding all matter to once again begin compression.

  11. jtegnell says:

    I agree with Gladeye, Space Toast, etc.

    I long long long ago tired of these mediocre ukulele players.

    Please, Boing Boing bloggers, have mercy! We get the idea! Enough! We can do searches for ukulele players on YouTube ourselves!

  12. katiemoo says:

    Well, by now I think I would be disappointed if Mark posted a dude playing ukulele. Unless, of course, it was a strapping young Nordic lad playing “Tomorrow Belongs To Me”.

  13. arkizzle says:


    Exactly, I came in to say the exact same thing..


  14. arkizzle says:

    Here’s Patience and Prudence’s best song..

    A Smile and a Ribbon.


  15. Ratdog says:

    Do you need to be a pretty girl to be allowed to learn/play the ukulele?

  16. Phikus says:

    Wackyvorlon: That would be “The Bard”, not just “the bard.”

    I knew I could depend on someone here to snarkily take it that way, but it was still the best word for what I was trying to say. =D (I couldn’t call Tiny Tim a musician, a singer, or even a comedian in good conscience.)

  17. wackyvorlon says:

    Well! After doing some research on Tiny Tim, I must say my opinion on him has changed quite a bit. It turns out he was extremely knowledgeable regarding the music of this era. I would suggest reading up on him, it seems the man is very different from the persona.

  18. Pantograph says:

    Of course not. But only pretty girls are allowed to play ukes in polite society.

  19. Phikus says:

    Somehow I can’t imagine how one named Tharklord goes about being “extra good.” Please clarify.

  20. wackyvorlon says:


    I believe, as you will see further into the video, she is not using the normal C tuning. This would tend to shift the chords around.

  21. wackyvorlon says:

    Good grief! Cliff Edwards was Ukulele Ike? He voiced Jimminy Cricket in the disney films.

  22. caipirina says:

    i guess this is the same lady? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fc8cPbZLPqc&feature=related … how many shots did she take at this song ???

  23. plantedbypiggies says:

    I wish she had noted she was using an alternate tuning from the standard G-C-E-A before she launched into the song. These chord shapes are totally different. So, if someone is new to the uke, and they try to play in standard tuning, it’ll sound really off.

  24. David Newland says:

    Tiny Tim may not have been the greatest uke player and is frequently (mis)taken for a novelty act, but he was a living repository of early 20th century music.

    Dylan said that when Tiny Tim died, “we lost a national treasure.”

    People forget that the first and most important talents any musician must have are LISTENING and APPRECIATING.

    Seems to me a guy like Tim lives the art of listening, and whatever you think of his wacked-out approach, he appears to have been an entirely genuine artist in his own right, doing what was inherently his to do.

    It’s not his fault if people turned off the uke any more than it’s Weird Al’s fault if people don’t like accordion.

    Listen to the tunes Tiny Tim loved. Props to him. for keeping them alive.

  25. deathfisch says:

    If only all instructional video’s were this purrty.

    I say more uke! Maybe even a spinoff blog…


  26. Anonymous says:

    Yeah #25! Youre right! This is SEXISM AT ITS WORST!
    How come its all prety young white girls playing ukelele? We want some bears! I want a big, hairy, grizzled man to play the uke! A guy with rough hands and a beard. He can hold me in his strong arms and serenade me to sleep every night. Until I see this video on BB, I will continue to say: BoingBoing is the most sexist website on the sexist, chauvinistic, woman-run, ultra-left liberal internet.


  27. edgeways says:

    No Ukulele Ike?

  28. wackyvorlon says:

    Tiny Tim appears to have been very self conscious about his appearance as well. But he did love the greats. How many people today remember Billy Murray and Ada Jones?

  29. TroofSeeker says:

    >”…Somehow I can’t imagine how one named Tharklord goes about being “extra good.” Please clarify.”

    Phikus, you’re gonna have to read E.R. Burrough’s A Princess of Mars and the rest of the Martian Chronicles to fully appreciate Tharks. With their four arms, I’ll bet they can play a ukelele and accordian at the same time!

    Shakespeare had a prophetic dream about Tiny Tim and had ukes banished throughout the empire. Unfortunately, the Hawaiian Islands hadn’t been discovered as yet, and it survived there, hidden under grass skirts when Cap’n. Cook sailed into port.

  30. Phikus says:

    Troof: Ok, I guess four-armed is forewarned!

  31. David Newland says:

    #67 Plantedbypiggies: don’t panic! She’s just playing in D-tuning instead of the more familiar C tuning.

    You have three easy options:

    1) Ignore her chord names and just use the grids to play the formations on your uke (you won’t be able to play along with her but the song will work just fine)

    2) Ignore the grids and just use the chord names (then you can play along)

    3) Tune your uke up one full tone to A-D-F#-B (a classic vaudeville hall tuning still favoured by some because it’s brighter.)

    I tune my concert ukes to GCEA but my soprano to ADF#B

  32. Ernunnos says:

    Of all the stuff you could be posting… ukulele girls are most delightful.

  33. caipirina says:

    @64 .. darn .. i even own the DVD (from the old box set . maybe this extra was not on there yet) .. but i have not seen it until now …

    I keep trying to strum along … where oh where ukelady do i find how to tune my uke like yours ??? :)

  34. David Newland says:

    All the haters really could stand a lesson in how the scroll bar works. Surely you’re not compelled to read every post and watch every video?

    All those just picking up uke for the first time and within driving distance of Toronto (or just looking for a community to chat uke with online) check out http://www.torontoukes.com

    Our Dogs Has Fleas!

  35. TroofSeeker says:

    It might be that all this ukelele playing is causing the expansion of the universe to slow and reverse, and causing the universe to implode.
    I’m not saying stop the ukelele playing. I just want you all to know why it’s all coming back, straight for OctoMom, the dead center of the universe.

  36. edgeways says:

    FYI, this was an “extra” feature on “The Jerk” DVD, Navin Johnson being, of course, the Steve Martin character. On the DVD they used a different green/blue screen backdrop but the rest is the same AFAIK.

  37. Anonymous says:

    For beginners, the version at Alligator Boogaloo is much easier to play.

  38. wackyvorlon says:

    I just recently pulled out my banjo to try my hand at it… and I’m reminded how heavy it is:P and big. You can get a decent uke for $30, it’s lightweight, small and portable – and you can sing while playing it, unlike a harmonica.

  39. yri says:

    I’m with #19.

    If I can’t watch tons of women-playing-ukulele videos, I don’t want to be part of your revolution.

  40. Phikus says:

    Someone is going to create a steampunk unicorn uke and make a video with a waif playing it, singing an anti-TSA song and BB is going to blow up. ;D

  41. Itsumishi says:

    I hear women playing Ukuleles are the new unicorns… or possibly the new steampunk. Not sure which.

  42. fooliosis says:

    Wow, I just spent the last 2 days learning this song on the uke. So this wonderful and informative video does me no good (since this is the only song I know, and relearning it would be silly). Serendipity is a cruel mistress.

  43. Anonymous says:

    At first I read that as Tomorrow Belongs to Me and my brain broke.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:


      I was literally (and unconsciously) belting out ♫The sun on the meadow is summery varm, The stag in the forest runs free♫, when I saw your comment.

  44. Bloo says:

    @27 – if a spinoff blog is formed, I vote it should be named plinkplunk.net

  45. Fatal Bert says:

    BB made me fall in love with the ukulele. I bought one the other day and haven’t been able to put it down. It’s such a fun, bright, small, inexpensive, lightweight, and easy instrument there’s no reason why EVERYONE shouldn’t play it. If you disagree with that statement, then GO GET YOURSELF A UKULELE!

    Thanks BB!

  46. arkizzle says:


    That’s “UkeLady”, I believe.

  47. arlopickens says:

    @20: Here’s a link on how to find a musical saw :


  48. Space Toast says:

    Can we stop linking to every single song anyone ever plays on the ukulele? It was kind of cute for a while. Kind of.

  49. atomicelroy says:

    this is getting sick…

  50. StRevAlex says:

    Nukulele bombs leave happy people in their wake.

  51. dculberson says:

    Please keep posting ukulele videos.

  52. caipirina says:

    coould she had said a bit earlier in the tutorial how she tunes her uke ??? i was trying to get along in the first half and was way off …

  53. TroofSeeker says:

    Thanks, Arlo- I found a bunch of them, and they go for about $100!
    God Bless The Internet!

  54. wackyvorlon says:

    What’s wrong with ukulele songs? I just got myself a uke thanks to BoingBoing’s encouragement, and I’m enjoying it a great deal. It’s a cheap instrument, and small enough to be carried just about anywhere.

  55. Vanwall says:

    This song ain’t the same unless Patience and Prudence are singin’ it.

  56. Phikus says:

    David@40: Join the chorus. The Shepard Fairey haters can’t work the space bar either, and somehow their fingers are moved to spew autonomously, no matter how many times their insipid drizzle has been refuted in previous posts. I, for one, welcome our uke-wielding pixie mistresses!

    Troof@41: Don’t blame the uke, blame the bard! Thanks to that fucker, an entire generation of uke players also became extinct. Luckily, after the fire passed over, new seeds eventually sprout. Fill your heart with love today…

  57. Takuan says:

    buyin’ me a uke, to go with the other two dozen instruments in the house I can’t play. But somehow I’m hopeful…

  58. howlinhobbit says:

    #25 Ratdog — Nope. You can be an ugly dude. A quick pass through my YouTube channel would prove that.

    #19 Drhaggis — I’m with you, Doctor.

  59. edgeways says:

    @57.. that’s “The Jerk” bonus feature (see #1), as I said I am pretty sure this is exactly the same performance only with different green screen/effects treatment.

    @56, yup, he died penniless even though he was a millionaire at one point, there’s a sad little ~3 min ytube video about him that give a decent thumbnail sketch of his life.

  60. Takuan says:

    half dozen geetars mebbee

  61. wackyvorlon says:

    @48 Shakespeare made people stop playing the ukulele?

  62. TharkLord says:

    Promise to be good. No more gnawing on neck of ukuleles.
    Cannot promise to repress desire to snorgle neck of ukulele player.

    Bloodthirsty Tharks prefer to decimate enemies with accordion and banjo combination.

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