Ramp House for skateboarding

Maria Zacharopoulou commissioned Archivirus Architecture and Design to transform her Athens home into a "skatable habitat." The result is the stunning Ramp House. From AR Plus (snips of photos by Theo Vranas):
Homeskakakak The architect wanted the ‘skateboarding’ element to be more than simply putting a mini ramp in the living room. Rather, the ramp, the bowl and all the interpretations of those terms would actually become the building elements for this space. It is intended to be a ‘ramp house’ and not a ‘house with a ramp’. Straight lines are curved and the flat surface becomes a ramp or a bowl. Basic house elements such as the fireplace and storage units are hidden inside the ramp forms.
The Ramp House (Thanks, Dave Gill!)


  1. Awesome, they get to see and live with all the damage that grinding does to concrete and stone work!

    [I get to be bitter since our limestone has been damaged by grinding skateboarders.]

  2. I’m for it in principle, but needs more transition and higher ceiling to be of much use in my opinion. Also maybe want to put a divider of some sort between the ramp and the kitchen, or else I reckon lots of broken dishes (if not teeth!) from flying boards.

  3. must be nice to live somewhere without building codes. hope she (or especially her guests) dont run crying to someone else when they break their heads open because of a trendy yet hazardous house

  4. some trust fund brat splashes out an insane amount of money in a desperate attempt to dip into some sub culture or other.
    isn’t this a bit 1990’s -or perhaps pre-meltdown 00’s?

  5. Haha, I knew a bunch of boingers would be big downers on this.

    This just in: Boingboing readers have decided that having fun is irresponsible.

  6. ‘ramp house’ vs. ‘house w/ ramp’
    I think this is more of the former then latter.
    if you ask me , it’s an ‘indoor skatepark’

  7. @#8
    I was thinking the same thing. Seems like anyone over 25 thinks skateboarding is stupid just because they aren’t cool enough to ride one.

  8. It’s like THPS come true! Everything can be skated! It looks like a whole lot of fun, for sure.

    To #5. it looks like all the ceilings ARE raised, but I was thinking the same thing before I took closer look.

  9. i am from Athens, Greece. this is just some spoiled brat’s pet project. built illegaly. as always we greeks ape the americans. ironically enough just yesterday it was “greece” day in the white house. obama and biden had their feta and musaka and all is well in the 64th state of the US of A.

    there is no skateboard “scene” worth mentioning in greece. there is no greek tony hawk. skateboarding is almost exclusively an upper middle class hobby.

    moreover in a city that’s slightly less overcrowded than hong kong i would like to know the exact location of this house. most new villas are constructed on the ashes of the last trees. i know something about it. i was there trying to put them fires out 2 years ago. check the 2007 forest fires in greece and how all burned forests magically became legal to build on.

    fun fact:

    Greece population total: 11mil

    Athens population: 4.5 mil.

    total metropolitan parks or green areas worth mentioning: 0

    so much for the birthplace of democracy and philosophy. the rich build villas on our graves. i spit on your grave.

  10. I remember an article from some skate mag in the 90’s about some German squatters doing this.

  11. Maria Zacharopoulou cares enough about her son to spoil him such that the house becomes a skate park.

    but she doesnt care enough about him to make him wear a helmet when he inevitably falls onto sharp concrete surfaces at high velocity.

    but, hey, this is greece. so, zorba, teach me to dance!

  12. I’m not trying to rag on Maria or anything, but I do have to wonder: is skateboarding really that important to her? How long is she planning to live there, and how long will it take for her to regret choosing skateboarding functionality over ‘living in a house’ functionality?

  13. Dude, this is totally killer!! That’s a frickin dream-house right there.

    Closing my eyes and ears to all of the bummer comments… ignorance is bliss.

  14. Zio: “…the rich build villas on our graves. i spit on your grave.”

    Why don’t you spit on the rich guys?

    I hope they built the skateboard house next to a hospital.

    Oh, and Mad Hatter, I’m way over 25, I think skateboarding is way cool, and I’m probably better at it than you. Well… maybe.

  15. This was something I used to fantasize about when I used to skate. (Don’t anymore, broken back—MMA, not skateboarding related.)

    With that said, there definitely needs to be something to prevent the board from flying into the balcony door or into the kitchen.

  16. I did not intend to be a downer, sorry. It’s just that the damage to our limestone and some of the limestone walls in the area is the first thing I think of when looking at skateboarding stuff. Hell, there’s some beautiful marble at our courthouse that is all chipped and marked up from skateboarding. It’s definitely the younger boarders – it’s hard for teens to realize how much their actions impact the perception of their sport. (Hell, it’s hard to teens to think about impacts at all!)

    But really this is great; it’s a really fun, interesting project and house. More people thinking outside the box for house design is always good. She also sounds like a fun mother, encouraging rather than scorning her son’s interests.

    Zio Donnie, interesting perspective. I am curious, though; how do you know it was built illegally if you don’t even know where it is? It really reads like you’re just bitter about a certain group of people (like I am, admittedly) and hold it against this family even if they’re not part of that group.

  17. franko: “…dude, people WAY older than 25 INVENTED modern skateboarding.”

    Thank you, Franko!

    When I was a little kid, we’d take the clamp-on roller skates with steel wheels, pull it apart, pound the tangs and heel bracket flat, then nail both halves to a 14-16 inch length of 1″ x 4″ board. We’d bend the ends of the nails over, and voila! Beautiful!
    The slightest pebble would instantly stop it, and the rider would do a Superman bellyflop on the cement sidewalk. I lost my nipples when I was 6 or 7. [2 B cont.]

  18. It was a HUGE revolution when they came out with plastic wheels.
    One of the stupiest things I’ve ever done (and that’s a long list!) was to ride my skateboard down the deadly Old High School Hill. That sumbitch was about six blocks long, very, very steep for the first half, then mellowed to a more gentle slope.
    Clifford stood watch for cars at the lower intersection. “Okay!”
    Poised in the ‘action crouch’, I made it down the steep section perfectly. As I rolled into the more gentle slope, I relaxed and stood erect.
    At probably 40mph or more, the skateboard went into a wicked wobble, like a ‘tank slapper’ to a motorcycle. I stepped off to run. Yeah. According to Cliff, I did two complete flips, tumbled for 30 feet or so, then slid another 30.
    Nothing worse than some nasty road rash, but Mom was mad ’cause I destroyed a new set of school clothes. Protective gear? New school clothes.

  19. @20
    Sorry, I didn’t really mean you when I said that.
    You have every right to be angry about kids messing up your property :)

  20. @20 “Zio Donnie, interesting perspective. I am curious, though; how do you know it was built illegally if you don’t even know where it is? It really reads like you’re just bitter about a certain group of people (like I am, admittedly) and hold it against this family even if they’re not part of that group.”

    mate i know athens. this is clearly a rich person’s toy. and the rich in athens build in few places. and i know greeks. they crave status more than anything whatever the cost. that’s why i’ll bet you that this house is built on a burnt forest.

    brief history lesson:

    athens is built in a valley. surrounded by mountains on one side and the sea at the other. ancient athens is what we call “center” now. modern athens is a metropolis that includes the whole of attica and pireaus(the port).

    during the 60’s there was a huge population
    boom and that led to massive and anarchic construction projects that saturated the city. there is not a fkin tree in athens let alone space to build a villa without spending 10million euros.

    during the 80’s and the 90’s there was an economic boom and the wealthy started to move north. the surounding forests (protected by law) started burning. the trully rich wanted more and luxury villas started to appear (eventhough it’s illegal to build on forest ground burned or not). it was a slow but inevitable process. today mount Penteli, once a pine forest (where the marble for the parthenon came from) is a suburb. built on a burned forest. it’s the greek way.

    forest fires around athens are so common that nothing smells as summer as ash. and every time a forest has burned it was always substituted by cement.

    there simply is no space in athens for such a house. ergo its built in a suburb north or south.

    “legal” it maybe. it’s 50 years that deforastation is declared legal for one reason or another. hell more than one fkin minister has built his villa in a former forest.

    but don’t take my word for it. use google earth to get an idea of what i’m talking about.

    i’d be glad to excuse myself with the owner if i’m wrong. but i know i am not.

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