Poor Timothy Geithner

 Drewfriedman Images Geithner-&-Kite001
Good Ol' Charlie Brown Timothy Geithner, as illustrated by the inimitable Drew Friedman for the New Republic.


  1. The guy is rather cunningly and boldly ripping off America on behalf of the bankers.

    Charlie Brown is far too sympathetic a character.

  2. Poor Timothy Geithner?

    Poor U.S. citizen after he’s done with us. He and The Wall Street I-bankers, The Too-big-to-fail commercial banks, the private equity thieves, and the hedge-fund mob.

    When Geithner’s plan is implemented, we’re sunk.

  3. If all of the policy objectives are enacted, the national debt is likely to increase from about 40% of GDP today to close to 100% of GDP by 2018. Poor taxpayers.

  4. i dont get this it all – i kno who charlie brown is – i kno who timothy geithner is – is the kite supposed to be something? and why is the shirt red — i sense a hidden cryptic message —- i demand someone find it and post the key!!!!!!

  5. I can’t wait for the Obama administration to take over for these incompetent, power abusing members of the Bush staff.

    Thankfully we have the crack staff at boingboing keeping a watchful eye on abuse of power and government attempts at stiffling freedoms and they’re willingness to call them out on it.

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