Poor Timothy Geithner


10 Responses to “Poor Timothy Geithner”

  1. pjk says:

    he IS kind of hapless, isn’t he?

  2. Teller says:

    If only Condaleeza van Pelt were still around to offer him Psychiatric Help.

  3. Falcon_Seven says:

    He should do America -no, the world- a favor and resign. Now.

  4. Tron says:

    Good grief … what a blockhead!

  5. Ernunnos says:

    The guy is rather cunningly and boldly ripping off America on behalf of the bankers.

    Charlie Brown is far too sympathetic a character.

  6. SeamusAndrewMurphy says:

    Poor Timothy Geithner?

    Poor U.S. citizen after he’s done with us. He and The Wall Street I-bankers, The Too-big-to-fail commercial banks, the private equity thieves, and the hedge-fund mob.

    When Geithner’s plan is implemented, we’re sunk.

  7. studlman says:

    I can’t wait for the Obama administration to take over for these incompetent, power abusing members of the Bush staff.

    Thankfully we have the crack staff at boingboing keeping a watchful eye on abuse of power and government attempts at stiffling freedoms and they’re willingness to call them out on it.

  8. Generation Bubble says:

    Poor, poor Tiny Tim! Can’t say I feel sorry for the wretch…

  9. travelina says:

    If all of the policy objectives are enacted, the national debt is likely to increase from about 40% of GDP today to close to 100% of GDP by 2018. Poor taxpayers.

  10. Dedalus says:

    i dont get this it all – i kno who charlie brown is – i kno who timothy geithner is – is the kite supposed to be something? and why is the shirt red — i sense a hidden cryptic message —- i demand someone find it and post the key!!!!!!

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