Bunny with two noses


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  1. jjasper says:

    How does it smell?


  2. Modusoperandi says:

    “It’s mostly genetic,” he said. “Most of the dwarf bunnies pet stores sell are bred for sale. There’s a lot of in-breeding going on because the breeders are looking to produce them en mas.”

    Do not buy pets from pet stores. Bunny-farms/puppy-farms/etc, breed for money, not for love. Profit comes before the welfare of the animals.
    Instead, when you want a pet, steal one from your neighbour. Alternately, attend a furry convention and steal one from there. It’s the right thing to do.

  3. things says:

    not tagged with happy mutants?

  4. Phikus says:

    “en mas”

    Maybe they just forgot the e in the middle, as in: “There’s a lot of in-breeding going on because the breeders are looking to produce them enemas.” -Makes about as much sense.

  5. jungletek says:

    Wooo, Bridgeport!

  6. ScruffyNerfHerder says:

    I think he meant en masse, a French phrase used by the English some of the time that means in large amounts. So you’re right that he forgot the e(and the s). Although breeding rabbits en masse sounds redundant.

    Still, the end is nigh so logically, sinners should be repenting and spelling errors are serious sins to some people.

  7. Merrybad says:

    …en masse…
    It IS hare lip, aka, cleft lip/palate. “Cleft lip and palate is usually caused by a combination of genetic and other unknown factors. The unknown factors may include an illness during pregnancy or being exposed to certain substances such as tobacco smoke or certain medicines.” So, is the breeder a smoker?
    Poor bun may have difficulties with feeding or infection if the fissure goes into the mouth.I’m sure a vet would love to fix it if there’s a problem.

  8. cellocgw says:

    was it the original columnist or the editor who can’t tell Spanish from French?

    It’s “en masse” for those who missed it.

  9. Phikus says:

    Poor bunny. But it could have been worse. As it is, it’s halfway to Rabbbit.

  10. ScruffyNerfHerder says:

    Sign of the apocalypse!

  11. forgeweld says:

    Buns make great pets. As with yer cats and dogs, your local humane society or rabbit rescue group will have scads of perfectly lovable ones, should you wish to care for one. They don’t always like to cuddle or even pay attention to you, but they’re lots of fun and easy to care for.

  12. PaulR says:

    “When that animal comes home you will have to take care of it,” he said.

    Or eat it.

  13. IWood says:

    Now look here, Mr Rabbit. It’s quite easy for somebody just to come along here claiming that they have a bit to spare in the nose department. The point is, our viewers need proof.

  14. BearsAssaultedByBasil says:

    @IWOOD Well played, sir.

  15. nehpetsE says:

    To me it looks more like a hare-lip.

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