Funny homemade Star Wars costumes

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Holy Taco posted a collection of what they've deemed "The Worst Homemade Star Wars Costumes." The costumes may be pretty silly, but I think they look kinda fun too. (Thanks, Kirsten Anderson!)


  1. That’s really a costume, right? It’s not just some poor soul who’s been bitten by a weresheepdog?

  2. Someday, when my kid wants to dress like a Stormtrooper, I solemnly swear I will not make him wear a bucket with a cardboard cut-out taped to it. I also wish I’d been warned about the butts and scantily clad ladies…

  3. OMG…I can’t read this stuff at work. I hate having to explain the giggling and snorting.

  4. Hey! Not every Star Wars superfan has a thousand dollars and a thousand hours to put into a costume! Some of us have jobs! Jerks.

  5. Those costumes weren’t exactly convention-worthy, but there’s no way they rank among the worst ever. What about that time I stuck cinnamon buns over my ears and pretended to be Princess Leia?

  6. Wow, Jonathan Coulton has really let that facial hair get out of control, don’t you think?

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