Leather fetish pilot mask

From the Bob Basset steampunk art collective in the Ukraine, their latest creation: a stunning black leather pilot mask. I own one of their masks and it is a goddamned thing of beauty.

Black Pilot Leather Mask. Маска ?ёрный Пилот.


  1. Those ear holes seem too big for the average human specimen… Is this a fetish mask designed specifically for the Easter Bunny?

  2. Beeea-U-tiful!
    How much?
    (Oh, wait. That means I can’t afford it)

    Menina Estelar,
    Do the Gengivas Negras play the music from the Star Wars cantina?
    They should.
    (And please no one say I’m culturally insensitive. I’ve seen my share of live concerts in Brazil and none of the musicians wore anything like that. Except maybe in the Carnaval parade…)

  3. @3 Well, my Ukrainian family members say the Ukraine. I guess that being of Ukrainian descent entitles me to say “The Ukraine” if I choose.

  4. It’s just ‘Ukraine’.

    If you want to be really Ukraintsi about it, you’d say Ukraina.

  5. that mask is teh sex.

    i love that style with the big round bug-eyes, there’s a military gas mask which is similar and it likewise puts me into fits of ‘i vaaaaant’ :)

  6. @18 Bad analogy. Although it’s not considered correct to say “The Ukraine”, it is indeed correct to say “The USA”.

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