Homemade Hollywood: book about fan-films and the obsessives who make them


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  1. jonathanwthomas says:

    Clive Young also runs a pretty awesome blog about Fan Film called Fan Cinema Today:


  2. vylettefairwell says:

    I bought this book after I heard a great interview with Clive Young on a podcast called Major Spoilers
    http://www.majorspoilers.com/archives/11379.htm/ I haven’t actually started the book, but it’s next on the list.

  3. okiedokie says:

    When the Christopher Reeve Superman came out I made an 8mm movie of Superman for a local library reading program. Using a hand wind-up 8mm camera we staged all the flying scenes by tieing our actor on top of my car and driving down back roads at about 60 mph.

    Once we passed a semi and in another shot we drove past a cropduster so it appeared that Superman was out-flying an actual plane!!!

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