Robber uses banana as "gun"

John Szwalla, 17, of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, attempted to rob an Internet cafe with a concealed banana he said was a gun. From the Associated Press:
The owner, Bobby Ray Mabe, said he and a customer jumped Szwalla, holding him until deputies arrived. While they waited, Mabe says the teen ate the banana.

Mabe says deputies took pictures of the peel. Forsyth County Sheriff's office spokesman Maj. Brad Stanley says deputies joked about charging Szwalla with destroying evidence.
"Deputies: Banana used as gun in holdup, then eaten"


  1. Just to be on the safe side, I think we should ban fruit from carry-on for all domestic and international flights.

  2. Eating the banana not quite as clever a criminal masterstroke as murdering with an icicle and allowing the evidence to evaporate. He’ll do the time for this one, all the while plotting the next dastardly heist, this one involving produce with an edible peel.

  3. Monty Python … check…
    Banana-in-your-pocket joke … check…
    Icicle weapon reference … check…
    Banana man … check…

    Are there no other reference/memes left untouched by the swift and noble Boing Boing forum-readers?

    Can someone work us up a joke using the Kirk Cameron banana-as-evidence-of-intelligent-design-meme in the context of this crime? I’m at a loss for creating some A material at this moment.

  4. The kid wanted to give them the slip with the banana peel. Consuming evidence was never part of the scheme.

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