Custom sonogram cufflinks

These custom sonogram cufflinks let you show off photos of your little bun-in-oven as you go about your daily round in French cuffs.

Sonogram Photo Cufflinks


  1. Ah the self-absorbed joys of pregnancy and parenthood! If you’ve fallen through the event horizon into this world, then hooray for you, yippee, huzzah, etc.

    Personally, I find these about as tasteful as the tedious and embarrassing childbirth home videos which you watch with gritted teeth on your friends’ couch while they reassure you “Don’t worry! It’s so natural and beautiful!”

    Personally, I greatly prefer the Dalek cufflinks.


  2. Face it, most newly pregnant/new parent couples have a vastly inflated idea of how interesting their pregnancy/baby/child is to other (non-related) people.

    I agree with #1 these are tasteless.

    In ANY case… who wears cufflinks nowadays? In the case of my children, they’d have been about 7 by the time the cuffinks came out of the box.

  3. Agreed with #1 and 2 on these being the accourtements of the perennial baby-bore.

    What would be cool however, would be a T-shirt with the sonogram printed on it positioned to cover the belly. (A random sonogram will do, nobody but the parents can tell those apart anyway.)

    I’m afraid to Google it, for I know someone out there must be selling these as we post.

  4. mean they are just static images? I want cufflink monitors in real time with a sensor belt/transmitter for mommy.

  5. Oh, good. The ice was broken by the first few posters, now I don’t have to pretend these aren’t tasteless and dumb. As a father of two and a fan of French cuffs, I still think they’re crap.

    What’s next, gall stones?

    Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Just because you thought of it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think twice.

  6. These cufflinks don’t bother me so much. They certainly take up less space than the grown up versions of the actual little people indicated in the sonograms. Cufflinks are a tiny little tinkle in the jewelry dish, the children… each of them another ever-multiplying branch of people taking more, more, more…

    I have to agree with some of the sentiment expressed here that parents can be, as a lot, rather self-important and self-centered. Narcissism… call it what you will.

    I don’t know if it is generational, or universal, or what, but the idea that us parents are god’s gift to creation because we’re raising the next generation, etc, etc, it is a little nauseating at times. If you ever see me doing that, just hit me.

  7. When geeks have babies, there’s a tendency for us to make a wide berth around traditional cutesy acknowledgements of our parent status. But being a parent is a big thing, and we also want to celebrate it. There just aren’t a lot of geek-friendly options out there yet.

    What we’ve run into here is the “we did it because we can” territory, which is the first step toward good taste. Don’t fault us for being joyful about our kids (there is no way to understand if you haven’t been there), just have a little patience as we reconcile what’s a cool way to celebrate a baby and what’s tacky. It’s not as if non-parents have cornered the market on taste. *ahem*

  8. I’ll be a getting an ultrasound of my spleen done tomorrow, I wonder if they’d put that on to a set of cufflinks. My husband would be so thrilled!

  9. Was I the only one who read #7 and thought… what sort of a boring movie would that be? “When Geeks have babies”? Yeuch. Wall charts about nappy changes and endless stuff celebrating successful reproduction….

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