Jasmina Tesanovic: Less Than Human


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  1. noen says:

    We have a similar though less extreme, problem here in the US. We have war criminals walking the street, appearing on TV, and no one will lift a finger against them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Interesting coincidence: David Rhode, the New York Times reporter who was kidnapped by the Taliban and recently escaped, won a Pulitzer Prize for documenting the massacre at Srebrenica.

    An important difference between Serbia and Nazi Germany is that Germany was occupied and its leaders were tried for the atrocities they committed. By and large, Serbs have continued to see themselves as victims, and to deny the atrocities committed in their name by their fellow citizens.

    Mladic, Milosevic and their ilk exploited this false sense of victimhood, but this myth preceded them and will outlive them. How else can one explain all the people surrounding Mladic in these videos. Those 100,000 dead Bosnians, the rape camps, the displaced – ah, who cares? Have another drink and let’s sing together.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps the title should be, Only Too Human.
    Although I find the atrocities committed by him to be horrifying, I feel it is important to recognize that he is not a “monster” and I see no contradiction between his good father image and his desire to systematically eliminate and entire race of people. They are mutually complementary goals.

    Genocide is a very common collective behavior amongst our kind. It’s part of our genetic and cultural heritage to over populate and compete for limited resources and land.
    Furthermore, approximately 80% of the readers here are capable of killing someone if a guy in a white lab coat tells them that “the experiment must continue.”

    Perhaps, it would be better to frame this in terms of what is it in “our” nature that enables this. And not how horrible “these” people are.

    Think about it. Less than human… Isn’t that basically the reasoning he used to justify killing all those people.

    Choosing which side of “humanity” your on is the first step to becoming just like Ratko.

  4. GuidoDavid says:

    Monsters look so normal, even cute. It is maddening to think we all could become like him and his enablers. For he might be a monster, but the potential is in all of us, it is part of our nature.

    I wonder, how long will it take for them to clean all this mess and turn that bastard into a very unpopular guy? At least most Germans are remorseful. But we shall not forget that many of the supporters of the Nazis (and later, of the Communists) were important of post-war (post-reunification) industrial commercial and politic system. Is this unavoidable?

  5. nicola says:

    to #1: Think about it. Less than human… Isn’t that basically the reasoning he used to justify killing all those people.

    well, am I wrong or there’s no place in the text in which the author uses the phrase ‘less than human’ referred to mladic? the only place in which it appears, is a quote from mladic soldiers referred to the victims.

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