Charles Babbage comic

Mark from the BBC sez, "Hello, we've got a fabulous short comic strip about Victorian genius and computer pioneer Charles Babbage. It was drawn by ace animator Sydney Padua. It's so good I thought it deserved a much bigger audience."

Tech Lab: Sydney Padua (Thanks, Mark!)


  1. Reminds me of the old Radio Shack Comic book “The Story of Electronics” that they used to give out (back in the ’70s, IIRC)…

    (Sorry, I couldn’t find a link to share)

  2. Bah! Everybody knows that Charles Babbage is really famous for inventing the classier of the two computer game stores at the mall.

  3. Doron Swade’s “The Difference Engine” (UK title “The Cogwheel Brain) is an excellent read, about the Babbage’s plans and the modern attempt to build a portion of the Analytical Engine.

    Though, for humor I’d suggest Arthur C. Clarke’s steampunky story “The Steam-powered Word Processor”.


  4. Cool, but what I’d really like to see illustrated is the meeting between Babbage and C.L. Dodgson. Dodgson wanted a Difference Engine; Babbage politely informed him that none were available, and otherwise, just as one would expect, they got on famously.

  5. Hang on, so Sydney is from the UK, and the BBC is in the UK. So why does the second panel there say “unrealized” and not “unrealised”?

    I know it’s a small, petty point, but c’mon!

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