Keyboard Cat t-shirt

A t-shirt design by OXEN over at Threadless. And the crowd goes wild. Three Keyboard Cat Moon (Thanks, UPSO!)

UPDATE: The shirt is now for sale!


  1. Don’t they usually reserve such artwork for someone who had died ?

    Only thing that could make this more awesome is clock hands on the Moon.

  2. Also, anyone who doesn’t get the above reference, look up “Three Wolf Moon” shirt on Amazon and read the customer reviews. Or better yet, read any news article describing the phenomenon since I believe the seller took down the legendary satirical review that started it all.

  3. @3: Actually, Keyboard Cat died long ago — as I hear it, the video was shot in the 1980s.

  4. I can’t decide which guilty pleasure is better- watching Keyboard Cat videos or reading the hilarious thread of comments related to the death of Keyboard Cat. “Did he died?” “Did shade died?”
    Please, tell me that there is some sort of redeeming intellectual, existential or cultural meaning here. It’s getting embarrassing.

  5. Hey Dante8, write them. I’ll bet if you send them a small shirt, they’ll print it for you.

  6. Just so that you know, this tee shirt hasnt been printed by threadless yet, they will only print it if it gets a high number of votes so you need to sign up and give it a 5 plus and I’ll buy.

    If its printed theres a possibility it will be printed in kids tees.

  7. CJP,
    It depends. In THIS reality, when the radionuclide fissioned, Keyboard Cat slumped over his keyboard, dead. In another reality, he is working on his Moonlight Sonata. There, there’s your redeeming intellectual meaning. Thank you, goodnight!

  8. Yeah, I second what anonymous @13 said, this hasn’t been printed yet, you have to sign up to vote for it. But when it DOES print, then it’ll be up for sale, and it might show up as a kids shirt, onesie, or a hoody.

  9. DANG it! Boing Boing! This can not yet be purchased and I’m never going to remember it when it is availible.

    Excitement! -> Tradgedy

  10. Before I bought this keyboard cat t-shirt, I was just another nerdy internet loser. After I got this shirt in the mail, I began to notice its true power. Instead of repulsing women as I walked by them on the street, it seemed I had some sort of animal magnetism. Whereas women were usually disgusted by my very sight before, now I cannot keep them away from me. I’ve had sex with a different supermodel every night for the past five months. I would definitely give this shirt a five star rating!

  11. This ‘net trend is one that is lost on me. I’m all for cat videos, but this “Keyboard Cat” one’s lost on me. I’m still wondering where the real funny is.

  12. @Batu B
    I agree. I run a music conservatory for cats, so I see cats playing musical instruments all the time. Maybe the joke is that the cat just isn’t playing well? Still not funny to me, as it’s a real insult to all the cats at my conservatory. They work their tails off, hoping to one day get a chair on the CSO (Cat Symphony Orchestra).

  13. “Oh hai. In teh beginnin Keyboard Cat maded teh skiez An da Urfs, but he did not eated dem”

  14. I’ll take this chance to plug the cat-related video I made for class:

    Tacky, but I need the page views. It does have a brief mention of keyboard cat.

  15. I think the keyboard cat in the foreground should be wearing a shirt of himself. Of himself.

  16. i have THE 3 wolf & moon shirt,
    but this cat shirt just blows my mind.
    i thought life couldn’t get better, but it just did.

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