Lysa Provencio's Custom Guitars

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Fender has had a program where they're finding up-and-coming artists to paint guitars; my friend Lysa Provincio has done a few of these, and they look pretty great. In addition to this one, there's more on her site. Enjoy!


  1. Oh wow. My 13 year old daughter got a Fender New American Classic this year for her birthday, but she’d have loved that one so much more. Very, very nice.

  2. I encourage readers to visit the legendary Girl Brand guitar company out of Tucson.

    This guy makes the most beautiful (and beautiful-playing) Telecaster style guitars in the world. It’s nice that Fender itself is trying to catch up without doing that lame ‘aged guitar’ look that Gibson is doing.

    That shape is the best one to do guitar art on in my opinion, because it’s wide and flat.. the SG shape is smaller, but great too. Forget acoustic guitars, paint just ruins the sound!

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