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  1. Anonymous says:

    Pretty sure that, in contradiction of previous comments, the Australian creature is called the ‘Opossum’ (ie Leadbeater’s Opossum) and the American creature is a ‘Possum’. In Oz, however, ‘Possum’ is used as a colloquialism, because Aussies like to shorten everthing.

  2. Darren Garrison says:

    #14– they aren’t “nasty.” I had one (maybe 1/3 to 2/5 adult size) captured once and it was a few hours before I drove it down to a creek to release it– during that time it kept grooming itself like a cat, only it used it’s back feet when a cat would use it’s front– it would lick it’s back feet and comb through it’s fir just like a cat. Also (and I don’t know if this is a trait of all possums or a quirk of this one) it blinked one eye at a time, never both eyes at once.

    They move pretty slowly most of the time– their default speed seems to be “mosey.” When I catch one, how I do it is to simply walk up to it and pick it up by the end of the tail. And their reaction to that tends to be more of a “will you please stop that?” annoyance than a “I’m going to rip your fracking throat out” anger.

  3. freeyourcrt says:

    If you follow the link to the junkyard pictures you might find this interesting link of on the Jalopnik site on how to destroy a car’s engine:

  4. grimc says:

    Add a rocket motor, fins and a pressure switch, and you could feed the squirrels a little something I like to call, “adventure”.

  5. Anonymous says:

    whats the amp difference between the apple adaptor and the zune? that may be the difference in size. i know my htc power adaptors are all 2amp which means my batts charge much faster then those with 500mA like say using the razr wallwart or plugging into a pc port.

  6. Johnny Cat says:

    Microsoft :: Baffling


    Wolverine :: Anger

  7. Anonymous says:

    To you its a squirrel feeder but to him its a squirrel trap.

  8. ToMajorTom says:

    I have enjoyed many of your blog posts during your stint here. Thanks!

  9. KurtMac says:

    Sweet Zombie Jesus! Now every time before I sit down at my computer I’m going to have to perform a quick scan of the under-desk area for any out of place, ankle biting mammals.

  10. Stefan Jones says:

    I hope you get another BB guest gig in the future!

    I second the suggestion that that squirrel feed should have been mounted on a rocket. Squirrels make walking my dog far harder than it should be. They are cocky little bastards that need to be taught humility, if only for the time it takes to plummet to earth from peak Mighty D altitudes.

  11. Steiny says:

    “I call the big one Bitey!”

  12. Anonymous says:

    That’s an Opossum.

    Possum are in Australia.

  13. Darren Garrison says:

    I’ve had more encounters with posii in the house than I care to count. Here’s one of my favorite photos I took of captured (kitchen trashcan) one that wasn’t thrilled with me:

  14. Modusoperandi says:

    Anonymous “That’s an Opossum.”
    Can’t be. O’possums are from Ireland. Obviously.

  15. dragonet2 says:

    We have opossums in Kansas City. They are the only North American marsupial.

    I really don’t want to think of one in the house, that gives me the willies. It would likely shred my cats.

    Urban ‘possums don’t play dead, they turn around and get all bitey.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Why would you want to feed the squirrels? Do you also feed the pigeons, rats, and roaches?

  17. MrsBug says:

    Awww, my hubbie and I love possums! We get them under our bird feeders, mostly in the winter.

    The Opossum Society has some FAQs that are interesting. Who knew there was an Opossum Society, for that matter.

  18. stratojoe says:

    I don’t understand all the squirrel hate.

    Watching them gambol across the lawn makes me feel happy.

    they are merry little creatures.


  19. Takuan says:

    well Joe, it’s simple: squirrels are EVIL.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I once found a mouse sitting under my desk in one half of an extra pair of shoes. This was in an 11th-floor office in the middle of Manhattan. We later discovered a mouse condominium behind a bookcase. Critters. Gotta love their ingenuity.

  21. btb says:

    It’s a Possum

    possum, n.1
    1. Any of various marsupial mammals of North and South America, esp. Didelphis virginiana; = OPOSSUM n. 1. Now colloq.

  22. Fred H says:

    I would have left the squirrel in the feeder for a little longer. Just to give him to to think about what he’s done.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I never heard those little bad boys called anything but possums. Matter of fact, I never even heard anyone say the word “opossum”. I’m from Georgia and they’re all over the place, mostly dead in the middle of the road.

  24. franko says:

    sweet jeebus. now i’m going to have to turn on the lights before i turn on my computer in the mornings. how in the world did it get IN, and how did you get it OUT?

    oh, and #10: that thing has remarkably white teeth and healthy gums for something so nasty.

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