Graffiti: "I Love Cops!"

I spotted this graffiti in San Francisco's Mission District. I've never seen vandalism declaring one's love for the police before (assuming that "SFPD" is referring to San Francisco Police Department).


  1. The two beat cops in my neighborhood in SF were 6’5″ and handsome. I ♥ed them a lot.

  2. I work at a charter school in Kansas City and about 15 minutes ago I saw a parent wearing a shirt with text on it saying “I Love policemen”. And then this. Too weird.

  3. I’m too chicken to test it, but I wonder if you’d get arrested for graffiti if a cop saw you writing that you love cops…

  4. It is actually SFOO, but the spray can dripped on the first O. In this case, it is obviously well put satire about Strategies For Outsourcing Operations, since the entire workforce of green glen linen was outsourced to China.

  5. Years ago, I saw a bumper sticker that said “I ♠ my dog.”

    Anonymous 3, but this is in San Francisco. They’re fully three thousand miles from irony there.

  6. The cops that came to the grocery store last week when we had a rash of fraudulent payroll checks were delicious looking-one buff, dark haired with royal blue eyes and a gorgeous smile, the other tall and fair haired with piercing green eyes. I know there are at least a couple of cops that I love…

  7. I saw this last week and actually really enjoyed it… SF cops couldn’t care less about public drinking or 420, which is a long-shot from a lot of other American cities.

  8. @17

    Spelling Fixers Police Department: I think its actually SupercaliFragilisticexPialiDo*c*ious

  9. I don’t want to offend anyone, but for some reason this reminds me of an old Don Martin cartoon where there’s a fella with a brush and a bucket of paint writing on a wall, “my wife is an immense, fat freak”. .

  10. My brother-in-law used to work as an attendant in a parking garage, and he made up a bunch of club and spade stickers, just big enough to stick on over top of the heart symbols on people’s bumper stickers. On his breaks he’d go out and “modify” people’s bumper slogans….

    “I â™  my German Sheperd”
    “I ♣ my honor student”

    etc., etc., etc…..

  11. Let’s see:

    Life of Brian (check)
    NWA (check)
    they club you (check)
    witty ref to green glen sign it’s on (check)

    So much win in this thread.

  12. I’d like to see that NWA song continue, so here we go:

    Love tha po-lice, comin’ straight from the underground

    Pick up my rescue greyhound from the dog pound

    color coordinated so you think

    Ikea did that based on my kitchen sink.

    Some new version of yuppie rap or dinky hip-hop…

  13. or like Cobain’s “Stop Vandalism” tags. I ripped that one off more than once.

    god, people thinking cops are hot just creeps me right the fuck out.

  14. @30,

    My wife and I are both cops, and I think she’s beautiful (hot), and I would hope she thought the same of me. Not all cops are bad, it is mainly in how you treat them when they contact you on how they treat you in return.

  15. @ 31, 32, 33

    sure sure. i know that “cops are people, too.”

    but it is true that it is a self selected group, and that the power over others very often attracts the wrong kind of people. like, not all politicians are evil, but lots of evil people go into politics.

    and @ 33…having grown up as a scruffy looking long-hair in the deepest of the deep south, I can tell you that it is NOT all simply a matter of how you treat them. many asshole cops will judge you by appearance. and then you, of course, learn to judge them. :)

    it is creepy to me. fetishizing authority. sure, individual cops can be hot, but thinking they’re hot because they’re cops (@31) is creepy.

    like some weird throwback to sexual selection and its interaction with the evolutionary rise of state-power. (not straight causal)

    it’s all about the intelligent, hot, independently-minded, strong, and at-least-level-one-outlaw women for me.


  16. he didn’t get kicked off just for that, did he Antinous? if not, i don’t need details, of course.

    1. Repeated blog-whoring. If they don’t pay attention to the requests to stop, I have to get their attention somehow.

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