Annotated Walking Dead Google Map

Sam sez, "This is a Google map that tracks all the events from issue 1 to 64 of the Walking Dead comic. The comic actually takes place in the real world and this map has markers for everything that has happened and where it happened, complete with references to the comic and images. "

Map (Thanks, Sam!)


  1. Arg… I dare not look at this, as I only read the graphic novels and don’t want to spoil issues 61-64. Bookmarked.

  2. You should’ve included a spoiler alert, for those of us who’ve only read up to, say, #48 or so.

  3. This is fantastic. It’s kind of creepy to look at some of the early locations, like the zombie bicyclist and think that Kirkman really might have scoped out the location.

  4. “This comic actually takes place in the real world…” Well of course it does! You weren’t one of those people who thought zombies were fictional, were you? It’s skeptics like you that will threaten all our lives during the coming zombie apocalypse.

  5. How long until someone tries to pull this down like they butchered the Wikipedia entry for the Walking Dead recently? It used to be chock full of detail, but some of the mods are working to chop it down. It’s a zombie of it’s former self.

  6. @larskydoodle

    “This is a Google map that tracks all the events from issue 1 to 64”

    That sounds like a spoiler warning to me.

  7. HOLY SPOILER ALERT! I did not read the entire post. I just got so excited that someone put this all on map I just started clicking. Volume 10 of the TPB is on the way from amazon! I can’t wait.

  8. Earlier this summer, a friend ran a game of All Flesh Must Be Eaten where he insisted that everyone play themselves. We all work together and took over a conference room one Friday night.

    The buildup was that we were gaming at work one Friday night and when we done, we found we couldn’t leave because an area around our building was cordoned off due to a zombie outbreak. We had to either get out of the interdicted zone or survive in place for six months.

    The coolest thing about it was how the GM used Google Maps to manage our escape. He used the overhead satelite views mostly, but whenever we needed to know details (Are there any zombies on this street corner?), he would switch to Street View. If there were any pedestrians, then they were automatically zombies. At one point, we were running from a horde of fast zombies and couldn’t find a vehicle, so we decided to make a stand:

    “We’ve got to make a stand somewhere”

    “Let’s use that building there.”

    “What kind of building is it?”

    GM: Let’s see.

    Turns out it was a Budget rent-a-car! We found keys and a gun and got the hell out of Dodge!

  9. Damon, sounds great! A really nice use of the tech, although you’d never be able to play in the same spot twice :)

  10. Too cool! I’ve thought of doing something similar with my fiction, but I’ve been too lazy. Shame on me, but good for them!!

    I hope to see more of this kind of thing.

  11. @MORTIS

    Not bad, but I’d leave out anybody who’s already in a popular show like Mary Louise Parker and Sam Trammell.

    I’m pulling for Chad Coleman from “The Wire” as Tyreese, but I’m fully expecting the show to be cast with 95% unknown actors. Not necessarily “never acted before” types, but “yet to make their mark” types. I think that’s probably a good thing.

  12. Damon @14, my gaming group (for a Harry Dresden game based in NYC) has used some online tools too, but not as intensively as you guys did. In our first session, a huge zone of silence fell over part of Manhattan. To figure out where the center of it was, we used one of those sites that uses Google Maps to impose a nuclear bomb blast radius on a map. It turned out, totally unplanned, that the center of the region was very close to the apartment building a friend of ours lives in.

  13. @freshyill: yeah, complete unknowns would be awesome, but you see that so rarely that i’m assuming they’ll throw in some star-power. heck, a few of the characters aren’t gonna last past 2-3 episodes anyway, so great potential for guest stars.

    i also incorporated google maps into my pen and paper rpg, the Dead, quite a while back. mine was a more analog solution of just printing them off (or just using a local city map) and using push pins to denote locations of interest, but if you’re a digital GM, this is a great solution.


  14. @ #5:
    The beauty of it was that Kirkman didn’t have to scope the location, because Rick’s town is the town Kirkman and i both grew up in. He just had to write whatever location he was thinking of in the script, and i knew exactly what he meant because it was the town where we’d both spent most of our lives. I had to take an occasional reference photo (which sometimes meant being hassled by cops), just to nail the details of a scene when i was drawing it, but most everything in Cynthiana was just the stuff we’d known since we were kids.


  15. @ #11, FRESHYILL:

    Yeah, but that wasn’t included in the link in my RSS feed I clicked on. And the “Issues 1 to 64” is BELOW the picture that gives away part of the future of Morgan Jones and his son, anyway.

  16. @larskydoodle

    OK then yeah, a spoiler warning would have been nice. I generally read the RSS feeds too, but as soon as I see The Walking Dead in the title, I click over to the site and start running my mouth in the comments.

  17. Doesn’t work for me either. My login doesn’t work anymore, either; anyone have contact info for the site? I can’t find a link…

  18. Next, we need to build a Zombie attack Google Map where we can track zombie movements across the map in case of a zombie outbreak.

  19. Cynthiana is my hometown and the location listed as the hospital isn’t correct. It’s actually pretty close to the location that is listed as Rick’s house. Go up to E Pikes street and then head east. The big open area with a path is actually Battle Grove Cemetery and then right next to that is the hospital.

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