Disney/Marvel mashups

The Super Punch blog is collecting the inevitable Marvel/Disney mashups that have appeared online since the Disney/Marvel acquisition was announced yesterday. Shown: Serge Kliavaing's Mickey Venom.

More Disney/Marvel mashups, Disney/Marvel mashups (Thanks, John!)


  1. What I want to know is, how soon until a Pixar Marvel film can happen? That’s how one would do an Avengers movie correctly, eh?

  2. Should be “Someday we’ll come for you!”

    Anxiously awaiting Marvel vs. Capcom vs. Kingdom Hearts.

  3. Mickey/Venom is my favorite, but all of them are awesome.

    My biggest fear in all of this is the MAX imprint–it’s what allowed Garth Ennis to really make his mark on The Punisher. They’ve got some good stuff there, but it’s decidedly not family friendly. (As much as I love Punisher Max, it is not for the squeamish–it’s very violent, and deals with some ugly topics.)

    Honestly, I think Mickey/Venom captures the Disney/Max mismatch nicely.

  4. Man, I thought it was bad when they bought the Muppets. Now this is getting ridiculous. Screw Marvel!
    Disney better not f*ck with any of the movies!!!!!!!

  5. I think the next Iron Man movie is going to be a musical, with talking animals.
    Stupid media monopolies. grrrr

  6. It won’t be til 2013 when Disney can start making movies. Paramount still has a contract til that time.

  7. It’s really rather difficult to figure out which of these two companies has less imagination – Disney or Marvel. Probably Marvel. All comic books from Marvel end with a fistfight. Not a good record for imagination.

    All Disney movies end with vomit. Slightly more interesting than Marvel’s record overall though.

    They will go very nicely together.

  8. ThreeFJeff: Remember Disney didn’t have a problem financing some very violent movies through Miramax Films, such as Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill movies, Gangs of New York and many more. Disney only flinched when it came to such controversial movies such as Dogma and Fahrenheit 9/11. However, Marvel themselves has censored it’s creators at times when they kicked up too much bad controversial (see the X-Statix comic and the use of Princess Diana). So I imagine that Disney might be no different than Marvel in what they allow to publish. Also comics don’t get as much attention as movies do, so I imagine something would have to get a lot of bad press and attention for them to step in.

  9. I think this is going to be fun.
    Just some of the combo that I’ve seen are really crazy ie “parkers of the carabeen” would this also include the next gen of marvel charcters. Spidergirl the movie(death of venom) would be cool.

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