Mad Parisian mayors fight each other with road signs

The mayors of two Paris suburbs are so mad at each other that they made the D909 road one way in their districts, but one way in opposite directions. The mayor of Levallios-Perret, Patrick Balkany, did it first as a way to calm traffic in his area. Then Gillles Catoire, mayor of Clich-la-Garenne followed suit. From BBC News:
With the contradictory road-signs in place, the unsurprising result was gridlock, prompting the deployment of municipal and national police to direct traffic away from the area.

"What Clichy has done is not a long-term solution, but it is a response to a unilateral decision by the town of Levallois," Clichy's deputy mayor, Alain Fournier, was quoted as saying by AFP news agency.

But Mr Balkany insisted: "The mayor of Clichy has taken a position that is unreasonable and is hurting his own constituents."
"Paris mayoral feud blocks street"


  1. Awww, the title is misleading! I was hoping for two guys in suits fighting each other gladiator style with the sign poles.

  2. They sure give Mayors a lot of power over there !! Isn’t there an council these ideas have to go through, then the traffic department would consult with the State traffic services…. and you gotta use certified traffic engineers to design the flow, not Boris the town handyman. No engineer who values his standing would never agree to this farce.

    I dunno, something is wrong with this story.

  3. Ha – just as I was about to write something, this comes on the ‘As It Happens’ radio show on CBC.
    The host just compared it to a Jacques Tati movie. Exactly – it’s like a farce!

  4. The headline is also confusing because neither man is a “Parisian Mayor”.

    There is only one Mayor of Paris, the absolutely wonderful Bertrand Delanoë !

  5. I just want to point out that Balkany is a big time asshole. He’s the French Tom Delay, only sleazier, if that’s possible.


    You and this article point out a big problem in the French communal and mayor system: Mayors have way too much power over their cities and villages budgets, leading to many many over expenses and buddy/family conflict of interest distribution.

    and crazy shit like this.

  7. I agree with Nixar (#11): Balkany is a stupid piece of sh*t.

    He is also a very good friend of French President Sarkozy, which only makes him more dangerous.

    Remember that this is a guy who had opposition members expelled, censored or silenced during a town-hall meeting.

  8. Hey that’s where I live !

    My town mentionned on Boingboing, niiiice.

    btw it’s “clichY”, not “clich”

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