Man bites off man's pinky during health care rally

A man bit off the tip of another guy's finger at a health care reform rally last night in Thousand Oaks, California. From the Washington Post:
Reports differ on whether the supporter went to confront the opponents intentionally or was just walking among them while trying to cross the street to the pro-reform rally. Southern California's KTLA-TV, which first reported on the fracas, wrote, "The 65-year-old was apparently aggressive and hit the other man, who then retaliated by biting off his attacker's pinky."

The AP reported that the injured man "retrieved the finger and went to a hospital." A hospital spokesperson told the news service that the man, who had Medicare, "lost half the finger, but doctors reattached it and he was sent home the same night."
"Man's Fingertip Bitten Off at Health-Care Rally" (Thanks, Bob Pescovitz!)