HOWTO avoid cognitive blind-spots, save money and be happy


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Anytime some sort of offer requires a credit card to sign up for, and I know the offer intends to ‘rebill’ after a trial period, if for some reason I want to try it out, I make sure to use an anonymous prepaid nonrefillable Visa/MC – when they try to rebill beyond the cards balance, it will get denied.

    And for any ongoing services/bills, I absolutely *refuse* to allow them to auto-collect. I demand they send me a bill, and then *I* take action to pay it, assuming its correct, and I desire to continue that service. The only exception is something like my mortgage, where I really have no choice – that I have on auto-collect from a separate checking account.

  2. Takuan says:

    heh! my circumstances make me MUCH more likely to be struck by lightning than most. Much. Yet I’ll still buy cheap entertainment on occasion.

  3. lectroid says:

    As a totally tangential comment, the cover illustration for this book brings to mind a mindblowingly fantastic korean artist, Il Lee

    his major works are vast canvases covered in ballpoint scribbles. Amazing to study at a variety of levels.

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