Vintage ads from a contrafactual history

Jeff VanderMeer sez, "Our friend South Florida fashion photographer Steven Paul Hlavac has photographed everyone from Warren Zevon to Daisy Fuentes. Now he's got a new exhibit up in which he's repurposed some of his travel photos (from China and elsewhere) in the context of old-timey ads for various products. It's a lot of fun, and for those still addicted to the meat world, you can also find them on display in the Tavares City Hall (north of Orlando) until the end of October."

Seaplanes and Citrus: Vintage Art From An Imaginary Past Photo-illustrations by Steven Paul Hlavac: (Thanks, Jeff!)


  1. Oh, this is funny. In late summer 1985, I spent a year down in Tavares (certainly felt that way). They call the area (or used to) the Golden Triangle, and it consists of the three towns of Tavares, Mount Dora and Eustis, Florida. When I was there (lived in Tavares, worked in Mt. Dora), the area was in a bit of a decline; the orange groves had been severely damaged by a couple of harsh winters. Jobs were scarce.
    Personally, I always thought that Tavares was the hickiest of the three. Mount Dora had culture, Eustis had the stores, Tavares had… the orange processing plant on the shores of Lake Dora. Last time I was through there (1989 or thereabouts), most of the groves were gone, replaced by developments, replete with cul de sacs and McMansions, for all the hard working people of the now Greater Orlando Metro area.
    But, way back then, I never, ever thought you’d see even one exhibit like this down there. Maybe a tribute to the Tarzan films (which had some scenes filmed along the Dora Canal), maybe a tribute to Tropicana. But never, ever something like this.
    Of course, it’s been twenty four years, so…

  2. @ #3

    That’s another one to add to my list of terms for history that is different, each with a slightly different meaning.

    Alternate history – Once upon a time Hitler won the war.
    Alternative history – The history books are wrong, it was the Masons!
    Counterfactual History – Academic research of what ifs.
    Contrafactual history – ??

  3. Wow – I went to high school in Tavares (back before the orange groves all died), and never expected to see it featured in a bb post.

    Love the “Climb Mt. Dora” poster (there is no mountain there, not even a hill of any significance), and the “Trailer Park Cigars” ad really captures the ambiance of Central Florida.

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