The Aliens: "Sunlamp Show" music video

The groovy video for this new track "Sunlamp Show" by The Aliens is Yellow Submarine-esque madness. A Scottish band, The Aliens feature Gordon Anderson, John Maclean, and Robin Jones, formerly of Beta Band. The Aliens' new album, Luna, was released in the US today by Birdman Records. The Aliens (Thanks, DKN!)


  1. It’s definitely Beatles-esque. Musically, it also reminds me of Of Montreal (even the visuals kind of remind me of the artwork on some of Of Montreal’s album covers…)

    But the artwork itself, to me, feels like a cross between the old Yellow Submarine artwork, and what Nicholas Gurewich (of Perry Bible Fellowship) does.

    Both the artwork and the music are very colorful, if you’ll permit my synesthesia.

  2. Lots of nods to Akira in here too. The blob looks a lot like Tetsuo, and that little ring at the end is reminiscent of the closing animation from that film.

  3. oh and the badguy’s cronies are definitely shouts out to some of miyazaki’s creatures, like the kodama from Princess Mononoke, or the ghost in Spirited Away.

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