Photos of uncomfortable chairs

cactus chair.png WebUrbanist has a fun roundup of chairs and sofas that you probably don't want to sit on. Among them, a cactus couch (it's not real, but still painful to imagine), the electric chair, and Tokujin Yoshioka's natural crystal chair, which I posted about back when I was guest blogging. Oh sit! The world's most uncomfortable chair designs


  1. Someone should actually make that cactus couch! It could be green pleather and the spines could be soft threads or something. But how many people would actually go as far as buying a novelty couch I wonder…

  2. There’s “uncomfortable” and then there’s just painful. Cactus chair falls squarely in the latter.

  3. The narrow chair from Woody Allen’s Sleeper should be on the list. (And I wish I could find a picture of it.)

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