Eyeball matrioshke

Jason Brammer's hand-painted eyeball matrioshka, "The Watchers," is a fine addition to the genre of crazy-awesome stuff you can do with blank nested dolls.

"The Watchers" (via Craft)


  1. @1 “These look rather phallic, as in the euphemism ‘one-eyed trouser snake’.”

    i just signed in for the first time in weeks to say that

  2. with the corroded brass finish to the bottoms, they could be some kind of steam-punky surveillance artillery rounds…

  3. After reading the other comments, I signed in to say that I wasn’t thinking about a phallic resemblance. I find myself somewhat strangely proud of that (Not that there’s anything wrong with thinking “phallus” when looking at one eyed nesting dolls).

  4. i wasn’t thinking “phallic”, exactly. my specific thought was “OMG cthuloid schlongs AAAAAAAAAUGGGHHH!!”

  5. I’m just glad he didn’t use the phrase “Russian nesting dolls”– it’s like calling a balalaika a “Russian 3-stringed guitar.”

  6. I bought Jason’s Russian dolls and phallic or otherwise they are right at home in Eye Want and Eyeporium’s museum of eye oddities. They even have eyeballs painted on the bottom of each one. Highly recommended and you will never see anything like them even in Russia. Order yours today. Oh!! and don’t miss they rest of Brammers amazing paintings on his web site. He Eye Rocks !!!!

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