PS22 kids chorus sings The Cure

Following in the footsteps of the Langley Schools Music Project, here is the PS22 Chorus. In their repertoire, Lady Gaga, Journey, Survivor, Fleetwood Mac, Styx, Tori Amos, Coldplay, and many others. The video above is the The Cure's "Pictures of You." The PS22 numbers aren't nearly as haunting as the Langley Schools tracks but are still captivating, touching, and weirdly quite lovely. PS22 Chorus (Thanks, Gabe "TuneUp" Adiv!)


  1. I think my favourite video is of them singing ‘Dragon’ to Tori Amos & bringing her to tears. (Watching their teacher fanboy squee is also endearing.)

  2. I just finished seeing the children from PS22, WOW I so touched how these children are truly they express their feelings. It made heart melt. I happy to have come across this video. Good Work, Actually Excellent….

  3. I went on a bender of these kids when I found out about them recently; this is my favorite of their recent songs. (Tho this is last year’s chorus class; there’s a whole new crop this year.)

    My first thought on seeing them: Whatever the law may provide for, I certainly _hope_ no one is paying licensing fees on the music.

  4. What a amazing way to get school kids into music.
    Wonderful teacher for running the class, and very talented students. Beautiful!

  5. Don’t get me wrong – I think this is great.
    Anyone else an old grump like me and find the individual emoting facial expressions and hand gestures take away from the overall effect?
    Also, stand up when you’re singing.
    Okay my 1987 high school chorus teacher will be quiet now. I won’t say anything about the t-shirt over clothing uniforms.

  6. I know what these kids will be humming after their first breakup. A bit early to indoctrinate them into the cure but I approve nonetheless!

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