Purses made to look like book covers

o_11.jpg This is not a book. It's a fabulous little clutch purse that looks like a book cover made by Olympia LeTan. via Kottke.org


  1. It is the little things like this purse that make me wish I was a girl. This and shoes. Men’s shoes are so gottam boring.

  2. @#1- You could use them as little boxes perhaps. They sell book-boxes at Hobby Lobby which are cool, but not as cute as these.

    I bought a book purse from Rebound designs after I saw them on BB way back: http://www.boingboing.net/2005/09/23/custom-purses-made-f.html Its super cute but falling apart after carrying it only a few times. Maybe collaging a cigar box would be a better option? Or maybe thats just the crafter in me ;)

  3. Cute idea, but for over 1k I think if I want one I’ll just whip out the embroidery thread and buy a purse form.

  4. …besides she probably doesn’t have one for Blood Meridian, The Painted Bird, or Place of Dead Roads anyway :(

  5. I’ve seen book-purses before, but this one takes the cake since it’s not actually a book. My problem with other book-purses is that the text block is destroyed! (Who DOES that to Nancy Drew?!) I’ll be needing a quarto, though — I carry too much stuff!

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