McDonald's Gitmo is hiring!


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  1. insert says:

    Eating a Big Mac — now that’s torture.

  2. InsertFingerHere says:

    I’m bother that the inmates can get a Big Mac, but not a fair trial.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Maybe they could waterboard prisoners with the orange drink dispenser?

  4. dbarak says:

    All the McRibs the detainees can eat! (Think about it…)

  5. Anonymous says:

    I used to pull into Gitmo on occasion when I was with the Coast Guard. At one point I saw students providing car washes to pay for some school event or other. Gitmo is not exactly small nor without facilities.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Are they paying relocation costs?

  7. Loony says:

    When did Mildenhall get a 7-11?

    • caffeine addict says:

      Only thing I remember of Mildenhall is a bowling alley and a car dealership. No idea why I chose a 7-11…

      • efergus3 says:

        There was also a shopette (no pennies please) and the Bob Hope Rec Center.

        • Loony says:

          I forgotten about the no pennies. Something about it being too expensive to ship pennies overseas, I believe. Though they did dump a bunch of Susan B Anthony’s on us. From what I understood nobody in the States were using them.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The Burger King in CCAFS gets a lot of business, I just wish their operating hours were longer!

  9. mrbill1234 says:

    I’m willing to bet those burgers aren’t Halaal. Ooops.

  10. Loony says:

    The fact that there is civilian fast food restaurants on military bases is giving me cognitive dissonance. Used to be just AAFES.

    • dbarak says:

      Oh, we had a few places on base in the Navy in the mid 1980s. I’m sure we had a McDonalds, and maybe a Pizza Hut or something like that.

      • Loony says:

        Figures, I’m just old. I hope you didn’t have to pay off base prices for the food.

        • dbarak says:

          THAT I can’t remember. Although I’m sure at that age, we would have paid any reasonable price to not eat the junk at McDonald’s and not the junk at the mess hall.

  11. Anonymous says:

    My father was a doctor at Guantanamo Bay Naval hospital. He, my mother, and I lived there from 1984-1987.

    My mom told me the day McDonald’s first opened in Gitmo, the line was two blocks long.

    I was a baby, but I remember having my first Chicken McNuggets from a six-piece happy-meal from the Guantanamo Bay McDonalds.

    The base is very small — maybe 50 miles total, but the civilians live on maybe a third of that. They’re glad of anything that reminds them of home.

    • Axx says:

      >The base is very small — maybe 50 miles total, but the >civilians live on maybe a third of that. They’re glad of >anything that reminds them of home.

      That’s curious! It’s Guantanamo that reminds the rest of the world of their home.

  12. Anonymous says:

    “Would you like lies with that?”

  13. Mike The Bard says:

    Hire the inmates. Perhaps terrorism can be eliminated through the mind-numbing apathy caused by working a menial, low paying service job.

    Studies show that after prolonged employment, any intention the subject may have had of causing meaningful or disruptive change in the world tends to dissolve in a haze of self-medicated cannibis and reality TV.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I once worked at this MCDonalds

  15. Anonymous says:

    Though they did dump a bunch of Susan B Anthony’s on us. From what I understood nobody in the States were using them.

    The Nuclear Power Plant I worked at used Susan B Anthony Dollars in the vending machines which I found fantastic. The vending machine food was great (at least the ones in the nice breakroom) and because the Susan B Anthony dollars were just a bit larger than a quarter they didn’t take up much space. The Susan B.s were a hell of a lot better than the Sacagawea dollar and all that have come since, the coating wears off all of them.

  16. caffeine addict says:

    Am I missing something? Why exactly is this noteworthy? Company has branch in army base; needs new staff. Is this just because it’s Guantanamo, or will you being telling us when Mildenhall need someone new at their 7-11?

    • knodi says:

      It’s just the cognitive dissonance of something as routine and normal as McDonalds, in a place as infamous and secretive as Guantanamo. Do you really not get that?

      • paradoxcycle says:

        @knodi: YES, thank you. It’s so ridiculous to think that every article needs some justification to be posted. If you can’t figure it out, move on to something else.

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