Family's personalized Where the Wild Things Are fresco relief

Dan sez, "Where the Wild Things Are was my favorite book as a child. It was the first book I gave to my five year olf daughter India and my 6 month old son Aldous has a fresh copy waiting for him. So as a moving-in present to ourselves we commissioned our friend Simon Ings my favourite scene in stone. But Max was replaced by Aldous and India was carved in alongside. My wife and I get to be the wild things! As a kid, I dreamt of making mischief and sailing off to be crowned king of the wild forest. Now I get to swing from the trees with the whole family."

Where the Wild Things Are in stone (Thanks, Dan!)


  1. Fresco is the technique of producing murals by painting on wet plaster. What we have here is basso-rilievo.

    Sorry, I’m a pedant.

  2. Well you’re not the only pedant, I was going to say much the same thing.

    It’s a rather fine bit of carving mind you.

  3. Color me three on the pedant crowd, as that’s the first thing that went through my mind…but it’s a lovely piece of work nevertheless.

  4. @1, 2: Ok, count another pedant here (except I was going to settle for “bas relief” or “relief”). But I swear I was going to say it was an awesome piece of work too. Because it is.

  5. It’s the only picture book I have any recollection of at all from my childhood. And I still remember it fondly enough that I went to see a play version of it a couple years ago with my two best friends and my mother – who just bought me a copy as a very early christmas present.

  6. I thought it was embossed paper at first. Since it’s stone you could probably use it for making embossed paper copies.

    It’s one of the first books I read on my own, though I seem to remember thinking that Max was a little jerk. Really ought to re-read it sometime.

  7. Yeah, I also have fond memories of the book. But I would say that if you want to keep those fond memories, then don’t watch the movie.
    According to the movie version of things, all the monsters are actually quite bitter and depressed…

  8. what a lovely piece of art!

    my absolute favourite kids’ book of all times! i named my son max after it.

    he just moved out. i like to think that when he comes back, his dinner will be waiting for it. and it will still be hot!

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