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  1. daveboyer says:

    This is a great day.

    I devoured his Dimensions/Confrontations/Revelations and then Passport to Magonia one happy summer. Absolutely mind-blowing, paradigm-shifting, can’t recommend them highly enough kind of books.

    Glad to have you aboard!

  2. aaron_in_sf says:

    An unexpected, but most welcome delight, to see you pop up here Dr. Vallee!

    Your work has cast a very long shadow in my life — though shadow is perhaps the wrong word, as the nature of the impact would best be described as illumination. :)


  3. chris23 says:

    Fantastic! Welcome, indeed, Dr. Vallee.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Messengers of Deception was an amazing read and I look forward to reading new information. Thank you Jacques Vallee and Boing Boing!

  5. Pantograph says:

    This should be interesting.
    Welcome Dr.Vallee.

  6. Ozirus says:

    This is great news that Dr. Vallee will be guest blogging. BoingBoing surprises me everyday.

  7. arkizzle / Moderator says:


  8. Ambiguity says:

    I just want to agree that I’m excited to have Dr. Vallee as a guest blogger. His ideas are good!

  9. impy says:


  10. Lotusmonger says:

    Welcome Dr. Vallee! This is so good.

  11. BattyMcDougall says:

    This is fantastic news.
    I realize that Jacques is probably a busy person, but even a post a week from him would be amazing.

  12. zandar says:

    Excellent news! I have enjoyed many of his books. Welcome, sir.

  13. shashach says:

    Dr.Vallee has been an inspiration for many of my generation – his extraordinary ideas about the relative insignificance of man in the universe and the nature of reality(ies!) helps to fill out the rather arid picture we had to learn during our years of formal training as marine engineers here in India. His decision to be a guest blogger on this site is certainly reason to celebrate!

  14. Anonymous says:

    thank you boingboing for this much needed fresh perspective on the much maligned, ghettoized and very important subject.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Huge fan of the UFO trilogy by Dr. Jacques Vallee, welcome! This should making for interesting comment logs…*wrings hands in anticipation*

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