Video game wedding: a letter and photos from the bride and groom

DSC_8206.jpg I received an e-mail from Sal9000, the man who married his video game girlfriend on Sunday. Here's a translation of the letter he sent me, along with some photos:
Dear Ms. Katayama, Thank you very much for watching our wedding ceremony online. Because of your blog post, we received some comments from what appeared to be international viewers, and we were very happy about that. I had heard before the groom is very busy during a Japanese wedding, but this was much more than I expected!
Both the actual wedding space and the livecasting web site were full on the day of — I'm so happy so many people were able to witness this. There were over 3,000 connections and 7,000 comments made online, and the people who showed up in person at the ceremony also offered their congratulations. It was great.
Now that the ceremony is over, I feel like I've been able to achieve a major milestone in my life. Some people have expressed doubts about my actions, but at the end of the day, this is really just about us as husband and wife. As long as the two of us can go on to create a happy household, I'm sure any misgivings about us will be resolved.
As for what's next, we still haven't gone to see my parents, so we will be going home together on New Years to officially announce our marriage.
The two of us hope to continue to let our love for each other grow as time goes on.
Sincerely, SAL9000 & Nene Anegasaki


  1. Just think how things would have turned out for this guy had his mom hugged him enough, or if his dad told him he loved him.

    Of course, I’m only assuming those are his core issues. It really could be that he’s just mentally checked to the point where he actually believes his actions are healthy.

  2. Wow. Is there Life on Mars. Japan is a different planet…. I guess in Western world everybody would have told him “Get a life, dude”.

    Must say I admire the guy for sticking to his worldview is spite of whatever they think of him. Well done! I wish them all the best.

    And again, it might turn out that this marriage lasts longer than statistical average. Makes me wonder

    1. In most Asian cultures people don’t judge you like Americans love to do.
      I would never do this but hes doing what he believes will make him happy. And believing is everything. Same goes with religion and love.

      1. Quote: “In most Asian cultures people don’t judge you like Americans love to do.
        I would never do this but hes doing what he believes will make him happy. And believing is everything. Same goes with religion and love.”

        I just wanted to say Asian cultures are just as judgemental and if not even more judgemental then American culture. The difference lies largely in the fact that most judgemental Americans will openly and freely express their judgement while most judgemental Asians will keep quiet on their judgement for social courtesy.

        The problem with judgemental Americans is that they’ll tell you their opinions openly and you’ll have to deal with it everywhere in public and sometimes even in private.

        The problem judgemental Asians is that they’ll whisper about it to their friends and family behind your back and pretend to be polite and cordial in front of you. The worst part about that is sometimes you don’t even know they’re judging you behind your back until it’s too late.

        And I’m not sure what his parents are going to think about this. I know I would be a bit concerned for my child if he announced his marriage to a videogame character. And is serious about it. Brings a lot of questions about accepting your child for who they are and where you went wrong in to mind.

      2. My God! Asian cultures are all-accepting and non-judgmental!? Where did you get that? Where did all the losing face, the shame, and the seppuku go?

        As a Chinese guy, I know that most Asian parents would go nuts if you even dated someone from another race, let alone marry a video game character.

      3. That is completely not true. In most Asian cultures with which I am familiar, people are every bit as judgemental as in America. Ever noticed the attitude to homosexuality in the PRC?

  3. I heard a segment on NPR about guys like him in Japan they are calling themselves Herbivores. They think that it is a rebellion against the Macho Salaryman generation of their fathers that leads them to things like marrying a Video Game. They are afraid of women because the women are more liberated and demanding.

    1. I’m sure he does feel happy, but this can’t end well. Eventually his DS will break or he’ll realize he’s married a piece of consumer electronics. I only hope it happens sooner rather than later, as if he’s serious about this I doubt he’ll cheat on his DS with a real woman.

      Honestly I wonder how the character artist feels about this.

      And dankvz, it’s not like this is normal for Japan, either. You may be right about the marriage lasting longer than normal though. I mean, I doubt there’ll be many fights. Not much sex, either.

  4. You know, considering the spectrum of humanity, and all the evils in the world… I’m completely OK with this.

  5. A friend of mine wrote a great article about a woman who is married to Severus Snape, once. Big ceremony, changed her last name, the whole shebang. I don’t know if the article is available online. She lived in New Zealand I think, so I’m gonna say this ‘marriage to imaginary characters’ thing isn’t a Japan-only phenomenon.

  6. Is he just having a laugh or is he genuinely mentally ill?

    Or does the possibility exist that this is neither a joke nor is he insane?

  7. This is called, “how do I get major world wide media attention.” I give it a week, two weeks tops, before his story is on a major TV network news show and another week or two after that when he lands on a talk show. Remeber kids, off the chain crazy actions get you attention.

    Actually though, I thought it was stated that the marriage was done in jest and he seems to perhaps just be hamming it up but I could be wrong.

    1. When media attention dwindles they can always get a messy divorce.

      I’m really hoping that this is a media stunt, because the alternative is much much more disturbing. What if this guy is ahead of the curve? Perhaps in twenty years time I’ll fall in love with my sentient toaster.

  8. He just has what we call in the otaku trade, a 2d complex. It’s a much easier relationship than those pesky 3d women, always wanting food and time and things. A 2d woman only wants your time and your love. Much simpler, it is.

  9. I wish Sal9000 and his new wife all the happiness in the world.

    The west(tm) needs to get over the whole “Japan has odd vending machines and is teh WeeRd – everybody stare!” thing at some point.

    Really. The attacks levied against this gentlemen sound lamer than those used against gays in the 1950’s.

    For all the brutal things humans do to each other on an hourly basis that deserve the labels of “sick”, “childish”, or “mentally ill,” this isn’t one of them.

    1. Easy now, Benher!

      Wondering whether or not the guy is mentally ill isn’t an attack on him.

      What would you think if tomorrow at the Thanksgiving table your brother broke out his Nintendo DS and announced to the family that he is marrying his video game girlfriend – and he’s dead serious.

      It’s the serious part that counts.

      Would you be concerned for your brother’s mental health?

  10. is this one of those things that seems “not done” now that will be commonplace in 20-30 years? or fewer?

  11. @#8 & #9: Or this is a beautiful piece of performance art that you don’t get because you’re not part of a culture that worships technology quite so much.

    Yeah, I know, that’s a long shot. ;)

  12. Too many dour armchair psychoanalysts/haters. The whole get a life/emotionally stunted manchild/nobody loved him as a kid/this isn’t healthy vibe… Where’s the fun in that?

  13. This will probably give fuel to some of those illogical “slippery slope” arguments that some people make against gay marriage. Even though the guy is obviously not hurting anyone with this, and seems rather happy besides.

    The truth is, love is a complex human emotion, and sometimes humans aren’t the recipient of it, and this causes consternation in some other humans.

  14. I think it’s silly, but not worth getting angry over.
    And I love the pictures!!

    I think next he should have a photo of him and his ‘wife’ in a hospital room with a little DSi wrapped like a baby and the ‘proud father’ That’d be awesome! LOL

  15. I find this so cute. I wish I didn’t, but really who cares anyway? I can’t help but think this is some kind of big PR stunt though.

    Meh but if the man loves his video wife, well, good for him!

  16. I’m appreciating this as performance art, personally. Nene is a personification of something he’s devoted a significant portion of his life to– participating in otaku culture. This marriage not only acknowledges and signifies its importance in his life, but is a really interesting way to blur the line between the consumer and creator in the culture itself. Every marriage is supposed to be a two-way street; if Nene could be said to represent otaku culture on the whole, what is “she” getting out of the relationship?

    As an aside, my congratulations to you both!

    1. “I’m appreciating this as performance art, personally. Nene is a personification of something he’s devoted a significant portion of his life to– participating in otaku culture. This marriage not only acknowledges and signifies its importance in his life, but is a really interesting way to blur the line between the consumer and creator in the culture itself. Every marriage is supposed to be a two-way street; if Nene could be said to represent otaku culture on the whole, what is “she” getting out of the relationship?”

      I’ve never played this game or a game like it, but I’m curious how how you think this guy is creating art? He bought a game that he had no hand in creating and is basically admitting to the world that he is devoting his life to a consumer product, a product that many other people have. I really don’t find that creative at all. Please explain.

      1. He bought a game that he had no hand in creating and is basically admitting to the world that he is devoting his life to a consumer product

        Thus criticizing the human condition in modern consumer society. Postmodernism is easy.

  17. I haven’t seen anyone else ask this, so here I go:

    Just how “married” is this guy to his, um, spouse? Did he actually try to enter a legally binding marriage with “Nene Anegasaki”, or is his marriage purely symbolic? I’m not asking whether or not it’s legally possible to marry a fictional character/piece of software–I’m pretty sure it isn’t–but rather whether or not he tried to do it.

  18. I want to know what he’s going to do when the DS breaks, which is inevitable.

    It’s probably a variation of that whole “people in love with objects” fetish, previously reported here:

    There was one woman who married a guillotine, another that married the Berlin Wall, another that married the Eiffel Tower. So it’s not just a Japanese male phenomenon.

    On the one hand, I like to think of myself as fairly tolerant and accepting of differences. It’s none of my business as long as they’re not affecting anyone else, etc.


    On the other hand, I think they’re delusional and need a little help.

    1. Get a new one, upgrade to a better model, or quit the system entirely and be alone. It’s what people do when their flesh-bag spouses “break down,” right?

    2. Till death do you part. Warranty void when opened by uncertified maintenance personnel, dropped, left in the sun or exposed to moisture or strong magnetic fields.

      I wonder what it’s like to be a cyber widower.

  19. I keep thinking that the people saying “sad”, or “mentally ill” need to get a life.

    That’s called irony.

  20. I suppose, in a way, we could say this is the very first time in history that a human has married an AI. Many of the science fiction writers and future thinkers have told us this could happen and now it has.

    As relationships go, he could have gotten a whole lot worse of a spouse. At least he went into this knowing she was never going to cook, clean house, or get a job for him. She’s not going to quickly have a couple of kids then divorce him for the child support and half of their possessions. She’s also not going to go out when he’s not looking and cheat on him without him knowing. Hell, he’s already got a better deal than nearly half of the married folk I know do.

  21. I would have already done something like this already, but it turns out that I’m not my computer’s type. And all the jealousy around when I got that laptop was just too much.

  22. Man, you gotta love internet outrage and concern trolling.

    Clearly he is
    -Mentally ill
    -A famewhore
    -Hates women
    -Wants money
    -Hates Japan
    -Is doomed

    Can’t just be a person doing something whimsical can it? Nah, of course not.

    More “Weird”=Better World.

    1. I’m with you. I just think this is quirky and funny. The guy is kind of adorable. I’ll bet they decide to have an open marriage anyway, I’ve heard she gets around. He doesn’t seem ill to me, just off-beat.

  23. This makes me think so many strange thoughts.

    1. If he’s serious, part of me wants to say, “hey, whatever floats your boat.” Then I think how rewarding actual human relationships can be and that it’s sad when people avoid those relationships because they’re afraid of loss or how hard real relationships actually are.

    2. My next thought is, if he is serious, isn’t it kind of sad that a corporation takes advantage of people who do have these emotional problems with other humans or are they doing this guy a service? Are there aspects of the game that could teach him how to interact with other humans effectively? Somehow I think not. Why would a corporation, who’s aim is to make profit off these people, want to teach them to interact with real women? That could possibly mean they would stop buying their products.

    3. If he’s not serious and this is a publicity stunt (most likely), then this guy is just some loser looking for his 15 mins of fame.

  24. cashgrab,

    Why the negativity in your option 3? Why call him a loser? What’s wrong with doing something whimsical in public?

    1. “Why the negativity in your option 3? Why call him a loser? What’s wrong with doing something whimsical in public?”

      I didn’t say anything negative about doing something “whimsical in public.” I’ve done plenty of performance art myself so I see nothing wrong with that. What I said was, “If he’s not serious and this is a publicity stunt”, then he’s a loser. If he’s just a fan who didn’t get paid to do this, then whatever makes the fellow happy is fine by me. I just think if it was a publicity stunt and he was paid by a corporation to do this, then he’s a bit of a loser and it’s in no way art.

  25. This isn’t going to end well.

    I know Nene Anegasaki. Very well. As a matter of fact, we’ve been “intimate.” She never even mentioned Sal9000 once.

    I don’t think I’m the only one.

  26. A bit off topic, but I have those exact same red “glasses”. Bought them in Japan, even. They’re actually not glasses but tint-less sunglasses, or if you prefer, fake.

    It’s all a sham. This man does not wear glasses.

  27. I would hesitate to describe the event or relationship as a “marriage” but what the hey. No one got hurt and we all got to think about love instead of hate.

    I wish the dude much happiness.

  28. This keeps making me think of the schoolyard taunt, “Well if you love [X] so much, why don’t you marry it?”

  29. The shot of him on the beach with the Nintendo pretty much convinced me there’s some sponsorship by the game company! Nice eyeglasses though – they look like they’re upholstered.

  30. …and what if she goes on to another edition, and a fresh platform, and he just gets old and dies- Does the bride’s family get to inherit?

    I’m of (at least) two minds about this. This is a comment on marriage about the same way that burning the flag is a comment on nationalism.

    If he really wanted to stir up some controversy, he could marry a corporation- which could surely find a lawyer to argue that they are a legal person, and so can marry.

    Another part of me is concerned that if this keeps up, you’ll need to pass a turing test to get a marriage license.

    1. “If he really wanted to stir up some controversy, he could marry a corporation- which could surely find a lawyer to argue that they are a legal person, and so can marry.”

      Something in me actually likes this idea.

  31. Whether this guy is mentally ill or not should be the concern, but the legality of the marriage. Both parties have to accept of their own free will. How is an anime character/video game character, a fictitious entity, supposed to give an answer of it’s own free will? That’s my question.

  32. We as a species are becoming more and more stupid(er), more and more self-deluded, and, really, more pathetic in a lot of ways. See above for example.

  33. well i think it’s kinda weird, but still love is love my girlfriend is 7 year’s older than me, im sixteen and shes 23, it’s fine for me but is this video game really that good??.
    If it is then it must be pretty realistic to make someone actually fall in love, still no one can judge this relation ship other than he or she, meaning it’s self…”¿the couple?”

  34. Fair enough it may be strange to us but as long as the guy is happy who cares. Who the hell would we be to judge?

  35. This is cute to me. He can take his “wife” with him everywhere, so he’ll never be without her, which is romantic. But what happens if someone steals the DS and plays with her? Is that considered “rape?”

    Honestly, I wonder if this same phenomenon exists in Japan, only the other way around (guy sim games for girls).

  36. Lawl, I find this just a little weird! He has all these pictures with them on dates and what he says in the mail about how they are happy together and want thier love to grow. What if she was real and he was keeping her by force? Im scared for you NeNe….


  38. To be honest, I don’t blame the guy for doing it! Hell, I’m obsessed with Video Games and anime as well, and I would even go so far as to do this! lol, many may think I’m crazy, but who asked wat u think? I don’t give a crap! If I could, I would marry InuYasha!!! Just let the guy do whatever he feels that he should do and leave him alone already! There’s no sense in that crap! Just STFU! Why should u guys care anyway? It’s HIM NOT YOU so get OVER IT! It’s not hurting YOU ANY NOW IS IT?! Thank u 4 those of u who have been leaving positive comments, I REALLY appreciate it!

  39. Even though Sal9000 isn’t hurting anyone and he is happy with his “wife,” in the end the guy will end up hurting himself.
    Though he thinks that Nene is real, he’ll soon realize that Nene cannot become real. Video games can only help turn an essence of fantasy into something real but in the form of technology in which can be possibly imagined into one’s mind. This is why many gamers love video games is because they like playing a virtual reality that they cannot do in reality. For example, playing Call of Duty is a shooting game, of course in reality we wouldn’t risk doing so because it would cost us our lives and that’s a totally different factor. But playing a video game we would just shoot the heck out out of everyone else cause we aren’t exactly killing them but just playing.
    In relation, Nene is part of a romance-stimulation video game. It’s understandable that Sal9000 loves her so much because she’s the “perfect wife” for him but she’s just a game. Eventually, like all video games people will get tired of them, and so will Sal9000.

  40. “A friend of mine wrote a great article about a woman who is married to Severus Snape, once. Big ceremony, changed her last name, the whole shebang.”

    How dare she! He’s my imaginary husband! The nerve of some women, trying to hog all the make believe love. Hmph.

    Sarcastic btw…although come on! At least Lars and this guy had a physical object to hold. What, did she marry her Harry Potter books? Next fangirls will be marrying Edward Cullen and Draco.

  41. I don’t have any problems with this, so long as he remains peacable for the rest of his life. It’s too difficult to identify in advance who will go postal on innocent unknowns. Talk about a cheap date, and for the rest of his life. I hope he makes multiple daily backup memory cards of his “wife’s” profile.

    Just like that other response about someone marrying Severus Snape, I’ve read about a person who claims to be married to the Eiffel Tower.

  42. I have to say I disagree with this whole thing; surely this man would be happier with the love, affection, friendship and physical contact of a human partner (whether a man or a woman)

    I understand he is not harming anyone, but how can he ‘love’ this stupid videogame character? Let’s be honest, AI is not advanced enough to hold a conversation and from what I understand these games only repeat a few key phrases.

    I am frustrated that people are actively helping this guy; I don’t believe he should be locked up and medicated against his will, but maybe a real woman (or man) should give him a hug and say “this is what real affection feels like.”

  43. Alternate theories:

    1. Like so many priests, rabbis, ministers, etc, he is basically a closeted gay man who is using an elaborate fraud to remain closeted.
    (ie: I am so much holier than thou, my wife is digitally ‘pure’, I love her for her digital soul, not the sex, etc.)

    2. He’s the asian Andy Kaufman

  44. Current TV did a story recently on preferring robotic over human service in Japanese society, how that because of animist spiritual roots the Japanese are more at ease imputing a spirit to inanimate objects. Which is why they seem to be so Robophilic.

    They showed an animated baby-seal robot that reacts when it’s handled and talked too.

    It was used as a sort of pacifier for elders being warehoused in homes with not enough people to look after them or give them human contact. It gives them the illusion that there’s a living being interacting with them.

    Did I mention the declining Japanese birth rate? Herbivores like this guy may be “happy”, but that doesn’t equal well-adjusted or produce a future generation. The Japanese may be turning to robots because there just aren’t enough people, and immigrants aren’t welcome.

    Maybe this guy really is the bleeding edge.

  45. @ crashgrab & others who are baffled by this; flex your fingers and google “performance art” and “conceptual art”.

  46. For me,a Chinese,I have been used to it.Otakus in Japan have the incredible admiration to animations.That is not just a way to get rid of lonliness feeling.It depends on how he love the character.For him,she maybe not so easy as bits of datas,but real human.Which may just be a secret to us foreigners.

  47. I wonder how long he’ll last…I mean, its just a game isn’t it? I mean, it is inevitable that he might someday reach the point where her dialogues may seem repetitive…

    I wonder…if someones going to support him when he gets old, sure, I mean, many people are captivated everyday by anime graphical arts, but I don’t think there would be any point in marrying one.

    Whether he goes well or not is not of my concern, but I hope he doesn’t regret that someday, well, anyhow, he can discard that off anytime anywa.y. Please pardon me for my English.

  48. that’s just weird… am not prejudicing, but that’s just weird, c’mon dude, being hooked in a virtual world is common, but being obsessed? & marrying the girl in there?? whew… two things, either you have a very high standard in picking a women [because you know, nene is a beautiful pixelated character] or you’re just some shy lone man who have trouble hooking up with real live women.. just saying…

  49. “The two of us hope to continue to let our love for each other grow as time goes on.”

    The last time I checked, software on the DS is not capable of such growth seeing as its just a piece of scripted plastic.

    This man must of lulled himself so deeply into a fantasy world that he actually believes an intimate, deep relationship can be formed between himself and this virtual character.

    Wouldn’t this count as a form of objectophilia? I just cannot grasp this concept at all.

  50. Perhaps he’s still using the DS Phat because he’s into older women? GSILF (gaming system I’d like …)

  51. I´d say the reason so many people get a gut reaction against this is because it´s a mixing of metaphors.

    Videogames aren´t real, they need suspension of disbelief to work.
    Marriage is also unreal, but in another way. I´ts a social construct, a happy delusion shared by two like-minded individuals. But marriage is also at the same time a legal and sometimes even a political construct. Society demands that we play along with the married people and respect their union.

    So this guy is essentially forcing us all to play along in what should be his own private suspension-of-disbelief.

    Many people dislike beeing forced to play. It takes all the fun out of it.

  52. Acabo de ver el video y me pareciò algo loquìsimo, pero en cierta forma se trata de Japòn, el lugar del anime, el rincòn de los otakus… y por supuesto de las personas que se escapan de la realidad como este chavo. A mi me dio hasta gracia, nunca se me hubiera ocurrido, pero el pobre hasta de luna de miel se fue!!
    Hace pensar que hay gente que va un paso màs allà (no importa si es hacia la locura) jaja!!
    Por lo mientras ya irè pensando en hacerme esposa de Kenshin Himura ;)

  53. Virtual Lucy Liu: “I’ll never forget you Philip J. Fry”
    (switches to mechanical voice)
    Virtual Lucy Liu: “Memory deleted.”

  54. I can see that pan out:

    Sal: Ma! Pa! I’m home and I got good news!
    Pa: Heh, really what is it? You got married or something?
    Sal: Actually, yes. I have.
    Ma: OH! That’s wonderful! Where is she!
    Sal: One Sec! *reaches into pocket* She’s kinda shy…*pulls out Dsi*
    Ma:…is that a DS?
    Sal: DsI! Ma, Pa meet Nene, Nene; Ma and Pa.
    Nene: *smile*
    Ma&Pa: OAO

    Hope they have a nice new years *end sarcasm*

  55. I feel bad for this guy. At the end of the day it is his choice. But his “wife” cannot tell him from another person, and ceases to exist the day the battery runs flat.

  56. people that dont like this are just dumb im not gay but some of the anime boys i would die to go out with so what if he feel in love with some one in a game love works in all ways.

  57. Wish William Gibson would post a comment about this. At least he got a chance to publish Idoru before this happened.

    The comments here are, for the most part, the least open-minded that I’ve seen on boingboing.

    “What happens when the batteries run out or memory becomes corrupted?” Dude. Ever heard of a little thing called Alzheimers? You don’t have to be a video character to suffer memory corruption.

    The guy is not automatically sick, deluded, lonely, or even whimsical. Could be he’s asked himself the BIG questions and come up with an original answer. Deal with it.

    Personally, I’ve had the misfortune, more than once, to have become involved with a partner who’s turned out to be, shall we say, less than 3 dimensional. There’s nothing really new here.

    I wish them both every happiness. And I’m really interested to see what the kids will be like.

  58. I take it no one who has commented here has ever seen “cherri 2000”???
    this is classic theme straight out of sci-fi…
    “your just a hopeless romantic”.. LOL

  59. I wouldn’t be so quick to congratulate him for “sticking to his guns”. That’s like congratulating a person for thinking they really are Napoleon.

    His mental health could be to the point he can’t see the regular world or understand social cues, and thus has never really had to leave his comfort zone and confront differing views. Wouldn’t be surprised to find he’s living in his own world, probably a hikikomori to boot.

    Perhaps he’s a genius though. She’ll never talk back, never ask to remember your anniversary, and he can always turn her off whenever he wants.

  60. I wonder what his parents will say if he tells them that he married his video game. The lady behind him in the 2nd photo from the top looks like she’s trying to sleep.

  61. I wonder what would happen if he ran into someone who was playing the same game and chose the same girl.

  62. Most couples have an approximate perception of one another and that usually leads to conflict due to misunderstandings and other communication issues. This guy’s perception of his pixelated wife works out since it is not an approximate reflection. I see what he did there. O_o

  63. I think the shrinks are analyzing themselves, this is obviously a joke. If you arent familiar with japanese Manga, Anime, Video Game underground there, you may get confused. This guy is just a NERD, much alot of fan-boy/girl types. And thats all good.


  64. People had “pet rocks” in the seventies, just the sort of crazy thing that speaks volumes of social satire. This guy isn’t crazy and he isn’t serious; he’s just one of those artsy people like the hippies at Woodstock.

  65. I am much less appalled by this guy’s “marriage” than by the number of people who have commented on this story and concluded that it somehow reflects on the whole of Japanese society.

    For example, one commenter pompously announced, “Japan is a different planet.”

    Making such a comment requires some truly stunning ignorance. It takes the ability to generalize so broadly that ONE LONE WEIRDO is assumed to represent an entire country.

    If “SAL 9000” lived in America, he’d have performed his “wedding” ceremony on Jerry Springer and everyone would (quite rightly) have dismissed him as a lone weirdo and a cultural anomaly.

    So why is it any different when the story is from Japan?

    The answer to that question is really pretty ugly.

  66. I’m so happy for him. Though, the reason is to see him being happy, but I now have one less competitor going for girls. LOL

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