EU memo on secret copyright treaty confirms US desire for global DMCA

Michael Geist sez, "The European Commission analysis of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement's [ed: a secret, restrictive copyright treaty that the Obama administration will not release on "national security" grounds] Internet chapter has leaked, indicating that the U.S. is seeking to push laws that extend beyond the WIPO Internet treaties and beyond current European Union law (the EC posted the existence of the document last week but refused to make it publicly available). The document contains detailed comments on the U.S. proposal, confirming the U.S. desire to promote a three-strikes and you're out policy, a Global DMCA, harmonized contributory copyright infringement rules, and the establishment of an international notice-and-takedown policy."

EU ACTA Analysis Leaks: Confirms Plans For Global DMCA, Encourage 3 Strikes Model (Thanks, Michael!)


  1. That is the final straw. If it comes to a choice between Hollywood plus the recording industry Vs the Internet, then I choose the Internet.

    This Xmas and all next year I am personally going to Boycott and Bypass both Hollywood plus the recording industry.

    That means that I’ll purchase no more movie DVDs or Albums as Xmas presents ( I generally buy around 5 DVDs and 8 CDs ), No more purchases from major label artists on Itunes ( around 2-4 a week ). No more going to Movies ( not a major loss, considering the pap that the major studios have been pumping out ) or going to concerts by artists of the major labels ( around two four concerts per year).

    There are plenty of local businesses and independent artists who would welcome my trade.

    Who is with me?

  2. So I sent an email to my Senator, Evan Bayh of IN, about this topic a month or so ago. Actually got an email back this morning. He doesn’t really address ACTA in any way shape or form. The body of the text:

    “I support a balanced approach to international trade that ensures equal treatment for U.S. goods and services. In other words, I believe we must pursue policies that advance the economic well-being of America’s businesses and working families while holding our trading partners accountable. International trade can be a dynamic engine for economic growth and job creation, but only when everyone plays by the same rules. Today, Hoosiers are working harder than ever to succeed in a world trading system that too often condones illicit trade practices, including illegal subsidies, currency manipulation and theft of intellectual property.

    In the face of expanding commerce, we cannot lose sight of our fundamental responsibility – protecting Americans from imports that pose significant health and safety risks. Intellectual property theft and counterfeiting represents an emerging threat to the health and safety of American consumers. For example, knock-off drugs make up 10 percent of the pharmaceutical market and an estimated $3 billion in phony auto parts are sold in the U.S. each year. Counterfeit products not only endanger lives but deprive our workers of jobs when their employers’ products are faked. For these reasons, we must protect private innovation and public safety by addressing the shortcomings in global enforcement.”

    Doesn’t really answer questions about the secrecy or the behind closed doors atmosphere of this whole business. I understand why he would bring up pharmaceuticals, Eli Lilly is a huge part of Indianapolis and employs a large number of people here in town.
    But there’s no mention of the implications of the internet side of things. Which I guess is where everyone is treading carefully and not giving anything away.

    I wrote back to Sen. Bahy in hopes that he actually addresses some concerns I had. We shall see ladies and gentlemen, we shall see.


    Props should be given to Senators Brown and Sherrod for their attempts to get what’s happening at these meetings out in the open. They wrote an open letter to Trade Representative Ron Kirk:

  3. Has the end come?

    Will we look back on the first decade of the new millenium as the golden age of the internet where one could find true liberty and freedom of information, ideals and ideas?

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