Greenpeace ads featuring aged politicians in 2020 apologizing for climate change


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  1. Davinder says:

    It’s a good ad. But…

    Much as I’d like to believe that this would be the case, that there’d be some kind of contrition, or even recognition of culpability, like the asshole in the disaster movie who was a speed bump the whole time, and then he spots the wave of piranha-alligators coming and you see in his eyes the moment he realizes he was wrong (and an asshole), but I’m pretty sure that even when faced with climate caused catastrophe the deniers will slough off the millions left homeless and say, “Fine, the climate’s changing, but we couldn’t have done anything anyways.”

    Even today the argument about climate change exists in two parts. There are the people who say that the climate isn’t changing, and then there’s the smarter group who see the evidence for change is overwhelming so they argue that the change isn’t man made. In the future that’ll be their fall back position: “I’m sorry, there’s nothing we could’ve done.”

  2. dragonfrog says:

    It would be nice if they ran this at a few locations in Canada, if they had the budget (and if they could get a company to carry it – I get the feeling Canadian billboard companies would rather run creepy oil company greenwashing ads)

    • davidasposted says:

      I saw these ads in downtown Ottawa just the other day, just south of the Parliament buildings: one of Harper and the other Obama.

  3. 2k says:

    Not too accurate.

    There are no baying hoards chasing them with torches and pitchforks.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I guess the climate change won’t be catastrophic enough to affect billboard construction in 2020.

  5. Brainspore says:

    In what fever dreams of the most far-out science fiction writer is there a world where politicians apologize for past decisions?

  6. jeligula says:

    I’m sorry. We could have kept the glaciers from taking over the Northern hemisphere again, if only we hadn’t made turning your thermostat up over 62F punishable by death.

  7. Anonymous says:

    they are ran in Canada, high traffic areas…bank st./sparks in Ottawa

  8. Aloisius says:

    In 2020 will Greenpeace apologize for being militant anti-nuclear activists?

  9. adamnvillani says:

    Actually, doesn’t global warming turn Canada into the world’s breadbasket while giving it control of the valuable Northwest Passage shipping lanes?

    I, for one, welcome our ketchup-flavoured potato chip-eating overlords.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, no, global warming turns Canada into a parched dead zone. We’re already experiencing drought in parts of our prairies, and once the Arctic summer sea ice disappears, we’ve lost our summer air conditioner, so it’ll be too hot for agriculture in the northern hemisphere. Sorry to burst that little breadbasket pipe dream.

      p.s. to Bryan: No fraudulent data has been found. No vast sums have been “squandered” (well, except to bail out the rich corporations). No regulations have been created, draconian or otherwise. And climate change is already decreasing the quality of life in the developing world. So it’s still looking like Al Gore is a climate hero and you’re not. Have some compassion, man!

  10. ArghMonkey says:

    Thats a great idea, Harper really is an embarrassment to all Canadians.

    Im ashamed to have him as the leader of Canada and I apologize to world for not being able to stop that ass from being elected.

  11. Bryan C says:

    “I’m sorry we used fraudulent data and neo-Puritan rhetoric to squander vast sums of money and create a draconian regulatory apparatus that sharply decreased the quality of life in the developing world. – Al Gore”

  12. lubertdas says:

    I really enjoy it when BoingBoing veers towards parody like this.

    If I was interested in stuff like this, I’d re-read ‘Fallen Angels’ by Niven, Pournelle, and Flynn.

    I enjoy BoingBoing more when they stay away from political or religious (in this case environmentalism) issues.

    • RikF says:

      Anything else you’d like taken out of your personal BoingBoing remix? Can we keep the science? Gadgets? Cory?

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      Have you been reading some bootleg Boing Boing site? Half our posts (and 90% of the comments) are about politics and religion.

      • Tdawwg says:

        Perhaps that fine site blangblang, the cerebral evolvator for well-developed bipedal hairless ape-descendants? I’ve heard that’s a good one.

  13. DarthVain says:

    They should get some imagination! Harper has already been called a robot. Take that a step further. Do his face half terminator style. In 2020 the would is a desolate wasteland devoid of good climate and run by Skynet. “I have been send from the future to kill John Conner, and Climate Change. I’ll be back!”

    If course they would probably have the bejesus sued out of them, thought it would be in parody so maybe not.

  14. Flashman says:

    I’ve seen this ad for the last couple of weeks on Bank Street just south of Sparks in Ottawa. But I don’t think Harper’s been photoshopically aged; in fact I wondered why, when I first saw the ad, they hadn’t done so.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Not a great mod of what Harper will look like. Haven’t they noticed that the man has no expression lines in his face? My guess is that there’s this painting in an attic somewhere in Alberta …

  16. coldspell says:

    Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Foundation have admitted that DDT is better than malaria:

    But in 2020, will they say nuclear power is less worse than global warming?

  17. Cactaur says:

    Politics is never having to say you’re sorry.

    Or at least not meaning it when you say it.

  18. Maneki Nico says:

    Stephen Harper, “the saddest hockey coach in the land.” Yup, that’s about right — past, present, and future.

    (No disrespect meant to hockey coaches everywhere, sad or otherwise.)

  19. Anonymous says:

    “Greenpeace – we’ll oppose everything, but we’ll be damned if we let you find a cleaner alternative (ahem, nuclear power)”

    The problem is, they can’t go back on what they said about nuclear power, even though it is the best balance of clean and cheap – if they did, everything else they’ve ever spoken out over will be cast with a shadow of doubt.

  20. UncaScrooge says:

    This site contains opinions which do not mirror my own! I’ve been lost in the hinterlands of the blogosphere for so long that I’ve forgotten the nausea of encountering differing viewpoints! Remove these things now, before I know of them!

  21. DasBub says:

    “I’m sorry. I could’ve stopped spreading the catastrophically uncool steampunk disease… But I didn’t.” – Cory Doctorow

  22. Anonymous says:

    “Canada’s Prime Minister looks like the saddest hockey coach in the land.”

    Must have tried coaching the Leafs. :D

  23. unruly katy says:

    Stephen Harper has no conscience. All you need to do is look into his flat, dead eyes to know that.

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