Organizations: sign onto letter opposing secret copyright treaty!

French activist Jérémie Zimmerman sez,
A worldwide coalition of Non-Governmental Organizations, consumers unions and online service providers associations publish an open letter to the European institutions regarding the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) currently under negotiation. They call on the European Parliament and the EU negotiators to oppose any provision into the multilateral agreement that would undermine the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens in Europe and across the world.

By December 17th, 2009, European negotiators will submit their position regarding the proposal put forward by the U.S Trade Representative for the Internet chapter of the ACTA. It is now time for the European Union to firmly oppose the dangerous measures secretly being negotiated. They cover not only "three strikes" schemes, but also include Internet service providers liability that would result in Internet filtering, and dispositions undermining interoperability and usability of digitial music and films.

The first signatories of the open letter include: Consumers International (world federation of 220 consumer groups in 115 countries), EDRi (27 European civil rights and privacy NGOs), the Free Software Foundation v(FSF), the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), ASIC (French trade association for web2.0 companies), and civil liberties organizations from all around Europe (9 Member States so far...). The letter is open for signature by other organizations.

ACTA: A Global Threat to Freedoms (Open Letter) (Thanks, Jérémie!)


    1. UAIV, we deliberately chose not to include individual signatures, because it would then become a petition. A petition takes a looong time and lots of energy to manage, maintain, etc… and on such a global issue, if you don’t get 1M signatures, then it’s “small” and deceptive to your message.

      But individuals can support it by talking about it, blogging, tweeting, contacting the press and elected representatives. They can also call on the organizations they know and work with to sign it!

  1. @UAIV,

    I hate to say it, but if the governments involved are too wary of discussing ACTA in the open, I don’t see how any number of private citizens being against it will change their opinions on how much they perceive we need it. They are acting out of the interest of corporations and big business, not the people.

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