Just look at this awesome EU banana curvature regulation.


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  1. Rick. says:

    Each post is more full of win than the last.

  2. wasmax says:

    Exactly how much of your day do you spend Google-ing “banana”?

  3. Phikus says:

    It’s becoming a real Bananarama around here. Just look at it. I Dare you.

  4. xaxa says:

    Sizing is determined by:

    • the length of the fruit expressed in centimetres and measured along the convex face, from the blossom end to the point where the peduncle joins the crown
    • the grade, i.e. the measurement, in millimetres, of the thickness of a transverse section of the fruit between the lateral faces and the middle, perpendicularly to the longitudinal axis.

    Who wrote this?

    The minimum length permitted is 14 cm

    Must have been a woman.

  5. andygates says:

    At some point Cory’s going to search ‘banana’ at BMEzine, and it won’t be the Warhol tattoos he picks…

  6. MrWoods says:

    My prediction is that Cory will eventually post about Oranges, thus ending the longest-running allusion to the famous knock knock joke: “Knock Knock/Who’s there?/Orange/Orange Who?/Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?”

    Seriously though these posts make the other posts disappear faster – let’s bring this to a close.

  7. Anonymous says:

    http://www.totsroom.com/cfr-0050080.html – banana-shaped beanbag chair

  8. Hagarack says:

    I wonder if all these posts were about a fruit I like better, like kumquats or redcurrants or perhaps even kiwis, would I be more interested in them. I’ve always found bananas too much a of a “safe” fruit. Up there with apples and oranges in terms of banality.

  9. Marnsten says:

    Hey guys…I’m afraid Cory isn’t going to give this up until he feels Ray Comfort has been suitably mocked.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I am outraged at the fact that smaller bananas from Madeira must be sold as Class II just because they don’t fill this ridiculous 14 cm minimum requirement. They are simply a different kind, smaller but sweeter, better than the washed-down crap usually found in supermarkets across the EU. I’ll choose these minor class II bananas over gigantic tasteless Dominican Republic bananas any day.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I actually came here today for the banana post.
    Scrolling down the page, I couldn’t find it until the last links. I felt almost disappointed.


  12. Sorcerer Mickey says:

    Just look at this banana-horned unicorn chaser.

    Just look at it.

  13. tkdead says:

    I’m torn. I’m in the love-to-hate camp for Cory, but these banana themed updates have been getting funnier with each absurd addition. It’s like when a heel wrestler turns babyface, but you’re cautious because he might do something terrible and break your heart.

  14. wobblesthegoose says:

    Just look at this banana shaped knock off of speed scrabble. Just look at it. http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/27225/bananagrams

  15. WalterBillington says:

    You should try studying this bananas law, and all the fatuous portions of legal headspinnery that came before it. Basically, the whole thing was protectionism – making sure only bananas from the right areas of the world entered the EU – but of course, that runs counter to the basic tenets of the EU, so it couldn’t be said, and we had years, years and years of more expensive bananas.

    Now, I do believe, the whole thing has been trashed, and you can have any banana you decide to have. The lawyers won, you see, and that’s what drives me bananas. Makes me nuts.

    Off-topic, but gotta be said: BB’s fancy new banner advertising is at least rotating through different cell phone makers – so it’s not all completely bent. And that must have been a tough negotiation with the agency – not yellow there, were you?

  16. arikol says:

    This is all a marketing gimmick for Cory’s new remixed book “Up and in in the Banana kingdom”


  17. Anonymous says:

    Oh, not again. That regulation has been out for a few years. Now we don’t have bananas classified by unified quality standards any more. Just bananas. Which is not necessarily a good thing, because I can’t buy bananas without seeing them and still be sure that I get A-quality.

    By the way: Europe has a written history for about 2k years. I’m quite sure that you’ll find a few more obscure but intersting things. Unfortunately bananas won’t play a role in them for most of the time.

  18. Anonymous says:

    The EU regulations for produce are not only silly, but also wasteful. If you have a funny-looking tomato, it’s /illegal/ to sell it. Even to a factory to make canned tomato. It’s a huge waste.

    • Anonymous says:

      [...]If you have a funny-looking tomato, it’s /illegal/ to sell it. Even to a factory to make canned tomato. It’s a huge waste.

      No, it’s _not_ illegal. It’s just not “class 1″.

      If and when such regulations are made, the EU’s officials spend a lot of time looking at the market and labelling by average of what is allready on the market.

      There’s another popular story that the EU spent money on measuring penises all over the EU to determine classification for condoms. For some reason, however, you can still get “XXL”-condoms that take 15l of water and no more (should you decide to turn it into a hiking bottle) like those not labelled XXL.

  19. Moriarty says:

    So 1994 had 2256 more pressing matters to deal with than this? Like what?

  20. Anonymous says:

    Just look at this awesome banana comment.

    Just look at it.

  21. pa says:

    A banana law.

    What’s next? A banana republic?

  22. ScottMcG says:

    This gets funnier every day. I’m waiting for a banana seat from a 70′s bicycle.

  23. Ratdog says:

    You, my friend, have just gone to the next level of awesomeness.

  24. Anonymous says:

    The fact that there haven’t been any more banana posts since this one makes me very sad inside. :(

  25. Ted8305 says:

    They ain’t just “listing” or “defining” standards. Naw, in the EU they be LAYING THEM DOWN.

  26. Timothee says:

    You’re lagging behind. The banana thing is a well-known Euromyth: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/6481969.stm

  27. Anonymous says:

    From Wikipedia:

    The countries of the European Union have traditionally imported many of their bananas from the former European island colonies of the Caribbean, paying guaranteed prices above global market rates. As of 2005, these arrangements were in the process of being withdrawn under pressure from other major trading powers, principally the United States. The withdrawal of these indirect subsidies to Caribbean producers is expected to favour the banana producers of Central America, in which American companies have an economic interest.

  28. spike55151 says:

    These banana posts are great!
    Keep ‘em coming!

  29. mistersquid says:

    Just look at this BoingBoing editor gone bananas. Awesome.

  30. Baldhead says:

    It’s gotten so that I’ll assume the next post that starts with “just look at this awesome…” is going to be about bananas and therefore ignore it (hate the things. hate em)

  31. MameDennis says:

    Note to self: Submit video of my cat playing a banana-shaped steampunk ukulele.

    (Just kidding. He actually plays bagpipes, and their tartan is really more “ironic preppy chic” than “steampunk”.)

  32. ZippySpincycle says:

    Cory’s posts on this topic appear to be causing a schism among BB readers.

    A banana split, as it were.

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