Papercraft Theo Jansen walker

This papercraft walker, inspired by the genius kinetic sculptor Theo Jansen, uses nothing but paper and a single bamboo crank-shaft to accomplish its magic.

Papercraft Theo Jansen (via Make)


  1. Awesome video Cory, I love Theo Jansen’s work. Are there any instructions on how to make your own? This would be awesome on my desk at work.

  2. I saw this at Tokyo Make in May 2009. The action is great and looks only moderately complicated. The link for his site is, however the PDF download has been removed with this comment:

    “本ペーパークラフトは、Theo Jansen エージェントからの公認プロセスに入っており、一時ダウンロードを停止させて頂いています。申し訳ありません。


    Essentially, he has temporarily removed the download because he is in the process of negotiating with Theo Jansen’s agent to become “official”. There are pictures of the printout on the site, and detailed instructions (in Japanese) .

  3. I saw an article on the real thing in MAKE magazine.
    This person obviously had quite a bit of time on his or her hands.

  4. hi there
    im creating on of there for a university project. is there any quick pointers you can give me i know you cant give me the instructions. i’ve already begun making it i just need a few tweekings to help it move more fluidly. please help

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