AI app morphs man into uncanny female persona

This video demonstrates just how advanced AI filters have become. In the clip, a man uses an AI app to transform his appearance into that of a woman in real-time (albeit with a slow frame rate). With the filter applied, his face, hair, and even clothing morph into those of a feminine persona.

The realism is uncanny — the AI seamlessly maps the shape of long black hair over the man's black scarf and renders realistic female facial features and makeup. As one Redditor jokes, "If I can't even trust cute Asian girls online who can I trust?" The answer, "Trust only cute Asian girls online with good fps," says another.

"The digital world is like Plato's cave with some seriously distorted shadows, except people have already seen outside that cave but yet are stuck inside it," one Redditor analogizes about the growing capabilities of virtual reality to distort our perception of truth.

While the the filter still has some glitches with rendering the background environment consistently, the core visual effect is pretty convincing.

"Reality isn't breaking, if anything the digital world is," another commenter argues. "Go outside and meet people, pet a dog and dive in the ocean, then you will realize what reality really is." However, as these AI filters become more photorealistic, the boundaries could become frighteningly blurred. "If the digital world becomes fully capable of making it look like you did something you didn't do on record, your real life can get real fucked," warns another Redditor.

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Reality is breaking
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